IBM announces magnetic tape drive 'TS1170' with uncompressed capacity of 50 TB

IBM announced a magnetic tape drive 'TS1170' that realizes a capacity of 50 TB when uncompressed and 150 TB when compressed. The TS1170 has 2.5 times the capacity of its predecessor

, the TS1160 .

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The TS1170 supports 50TB JF media cartridges with 3:1 compression for a compressed capacity of 150TB. Data transfer rate is 400MB/s.

There are two models: 70F with dual port 16Gb/s Fiber Channel interface and 70S with 12Gb/s SAS dual port interface. The 70F also supports standalone installations for cloud-based and open compute setups.

In addition, it can be embedded in IBM's TS4500 and other storage systems that support LTO. Encryption is done through IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager and can be either library-managed or application-managed.

Compatible magnetic tape 3592 70F uses strontium ferrite magnetic material technology to ensure a large capacity, but IBM and Fujifilm conducted actual running tests using the same technology, and a maximum capacity of 580 TB can be achieved. indicates that

Newly Adopted 'Strontium Ferrite (SrFe) Magnetic Material' Developed technology to increase the capacity of the world's largest capacity 580 TB magnetic tape per roll | Fujifilm [Japan]

The development of compact magnetic tapes that can handle large volumes is expected to increase demand in data centers and other facilities that require large amounts of data management.

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