Is the USB-C cable for iPhone 15 compatible with USB 2.0 without MFi certification?

Apple's 'iPhone 15' series, which is expected to be announced in September 2023, will comply with the EU's new

rule that 'all specified electronic device connectors shall be USB Type-C (USB-C)'. In addition, it is expected that models equipped with USB-C will be lined up for the first time after breaking away from Apple's own standard 'Lightning'. Meanwhile, X user Majin Bu (@MajinBuOfficial ), who calls himself a “creator,” leaked information about a USB-C cable made for the iPhone 15.

USB-C cable included with iPhone 15 may be limited to USB 2.0

The length of the USB-C cable that Mr. Majin Bu got is 1.6 meters, and if it is full, there are only 16 pins where there are 24 pins, and it is compatible with USB 2.0 and the output is 20 V / 3 A.

By the way, at the time of writing the article, the newest ' iPad Air (5th generation) ' supports USB 3.1 Gen 2, and the ' 10.9-inch iPad (10th generation) ', which has inferior specifications, supports USB 2.0, and the transfer speed is The former is up to 10Gb/s and the latter is up to 480Mb/s. In an era when Android devices have USB 3.0 or higher, and some laptops and motherboards have USB 4, the cable selection leaked this time can be said to be quite outdated. Since the existing Lightning is also 480Mb/s, which is equivalent to USB 2.0, if it is certain that the cable is for the iPhone 15, Apple may not place much importance on wired data transfer. Masu.

In the past, Apple has introduced its own certification standard 'MFi (Made for iPhone)' for its USB-C accessories, and considered restricting charging and data transfer via accessories not certified by Apple. At least the USB-C cable that Majin Bu got has nothing to do with MFi.

Possibility that Apple will prevent the use of MFi non-certified accessories on the USB-C port of iPhone 15 - GIGAZINE

In addition to the above information, Majin Bu has also sent information on a USB-C cable that is for the iPhone 15 Pro. This is USB 4.0 Gen2 (maximum 20 Gb / s), output is 50 V 3 A.

In addition, when another person released an image showing the USB-C connector of the iPhone 15 before, it was pointed out that the ' Retimer ' chip found in Thunderbolt devices was installed, and it was pointed out that the iPhone 15 series It is speculated that it will support Thunderbolt.

According to 9to5mac, which delivers news related to Apple, 'Only the iPhone 15 Pro will support Thunderbolt, just like the iPad Pro supports Thunderbolt, or all iPhone 15 models will support Thunderbolt, and the Thunderbolt cable will be sold separately. It is possible,' he speculates. Regarding this leak, another possibility is that it was not made for the iPhone, but for the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard with USB-C ports. I am convinced that they are not responding,' he said.

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