40% of Elon Musk's 150 million followers have 0 posts and 42% have 0 followers

Elon Musk is an avid X (formerly Twitter) user and a world-class influencer with over 150 million followers. Analysis of Mr. Mask's follower information revealed that 40% of followers had 0 posts and 42% had 0 followers.

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If you check Mr. Mask's X account, you can see that he has more than 150 million followers at the time of writing the article.

Even though the number of followers exceeds 150 million, some X accounts actively post every day, while others have read-only accounts with 0 followers. Therefore, Mr. Travis Brown , who is promoting information analysis on Twitter, scraped the information of 153,209,283 followers of Mr. Mask in order to clarify the actual situation of Mr. Mask's followers, and part of the extracted data Published at the link below.

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The main facts revealed from the data Mr. Brown collected are as follows.

・ Of Musk's followers, 65,312,713 (42.6%) have 0 followers
Approximately 112 million (about 72%) of Musk's followers have fewer than 10 followers
・ Of Mr. Mask's followers, 62,500,641 (40.8%) have 0 posts
Approximately 100 million (approximately 65%) of Musk's followers have posted less than 10 posts.
・ Of Mr. Mask's followers, 38,035,372 (24.8%) icons remain the initial icons
・Approximately 38.9 million (approximately 25%) of Mr. Mask's followers are accounts created after Mr. Mask's acquisition of Twitter (October 27, 2022).
・ About 453,000 (about 0.3%) of Mr. Mask's followers are members of the paid plan 'X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue)'

Brown estimates that X Premium has 834,000 subscribers. For this reason, more than half of X Premium subscribers follow Mr. Musk.

In addition, Mr. Mask appealed that the number of monthly active users of X reached 541,562,214 in July 2023. Regarding the number of monthly active users, overseas media Mashable said, ``If Mr. Mask's claim is correct, 25% of the accounts active on X follow Mr. Mask.However, Mr. Mask's Given the fact that the majority of our followers are not active on X, it's possible that the overall user count for X is also largely inactive.'

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