In response to a series of traffic accidents and troubles, the traffic authorities requested that the number of robotaxis operated by fully automated driving be reduced by half

Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors (GM) and a self-driving company, has received a request from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to reduce the number of robotaxis by self-driving cars operating in San Francisco, California by 50%. reported. The Land Transport Bureau cites frequent traffic accidents caused by robotaxis as the reason for requesting a reduction in the number of vehicles.

Cruise told by regulators to 'immediately' reduce robotaxi fleet 50% following crash | TechCrunch

An update on recent collision | Cruise

Cruise is a company founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Kyle Vogt to realize self-driving cars, and from June 2022, it offers a free taxi service with fully self-driving cars in San Francisco.

``Cruise'' officially starts operation in San Francisco with a fully automatic driving car that does not require driving - GIGAZINE

However, Cruise's automatic driving car suddenly stalls while driving, causing heavy traffic jams, and causing accidents such as colliding with emergency vehicles, which is regarded as a problem. Below is a picture of a robotaxi that comes into the lane to cut in and suddenly turns left at the intersection, then brakes suddenly and stops in the intersection.

In January 2023, it was also reported that he invaded the fire site and interfered with the fire extinguishing activities.

San Francisco city requests cancellation due to the problem of `` rushing into the fire scene and disturbing firefighters '' and `` sudden stop in the middle of traffic '' by Cruise and Waymo's robot taxi - GIGAZINE

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Furthermore, on August 17, 2023, an accident occurred in which Cruise's robotaxi collided with a fire engine on duty at an intersection, injuring a passenger. Cruise said, ``Cruise's robotaxi was proceeding through an intersection with a green light, but this incident occurred because an emergency vehicle was entering the oncoming lane at the intersection with a red light.

The robotaxi has a function to operate the brakes to slow down when it detects the siren of an emergency vehicle, and this function worked again, but in the end it was not possible to avoid a collision.' I'm explaining.

In response to this situation, the California Department of Motor Vehicles said, ``The safety of the public is our number one priority. , may suspend or revoke permits to deploy robo-taxis,' he told Cruise, reducing the fleet of robo-taxis by 50% until the investigation is completed, limiting the number of robo-taxis to 50 during the day and 50 at night. requested a limit of 150 or less.

Cruise said in an email to TechCrunch, an IT news site, ``More than 100 people die on American roads every day, and countless people are seriously injured. Cruise has a positive impact on road safety. We believe that it is clear that we can provide the said.

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