Is Meta planning to release coding assistance AI 'Code Llama' for free?

Meta has released large-scale language models such as 'Llama' and 'Llama 2' as open sources. Newly, it was reported that Meta is developing a language model `` Code Llama '' optimized for coding assistance. According to reports, Code Llama will also be released as open source.

Meta's Next AI Attack on OpenAI: Free Code-Generating Software — The Information

Meta, which operates SNS such as Facebook and Instagram, is also focusing on AI-related research and development, and in February 2023, itreleased 'Llama', which has performance comparable to OpenAI's GPT-3. Llama is released as open source, and many open source language models such as ' Alpaca ' and ' Vicuna ', which are based on Llama and have their own enhancements, have appeared.

Furthermore, in July 2023, ``Llama 2'', an enhanced version of Llama, was released . Llama 2 is licensed for commercial use, and it is expected that products using Llama 2 will appear from each company.

Meta releases a commercially available large-scale language model 'Llama 2' for free, and cooperates with Microsoft and Qualcomm to optimize for smartphones and PCs-GIGAZINE

According to information obtained by the overseas media The Information from two people involved in Meta, Meta is developing a language model ``Code Llama'' specialized for coding assistance based on Llama 2, and it will be released in August 2023 at the earliest. It will be published inside. Also, Code Llama is scheduled to be released as open source like Llama and Llama 2.

The Information said, ``With the advent of Llama 2, companies can now develop their own AI products without having to pay money to OpenAI, Google, or Microsoft.'' With the advent of Code Llama, development of coding assistance AI products points out the possibility of facilitating

In addition, the AI development company `` Stability AI '' known for the development of the image generation AI `` Stable Diffusion '' also released the open source coding auxiliary language model `` StableCode '' in August 2023.

Stability AI announces open source coding assistance AI 'StableCode' - GIGAZINE

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