Saudi Arabia passes law requiring USB Type-C to be installed on all smartphones such as iPhone

A bill has been passed in Saudi Arabia that requires smartphones and tablets to have a USB Type-C port for charging. With this bill, after January 1, 2025, all smartphones, tablets, headphones, etc. sold in Saudi Arabia will be equipped with a USB Type-C port for charging. Furthermore, from April 2026, notebook PCs will also be required to have a USB Type-C port for charging.

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Saudi Arabia will mimic EU's USB-C charger law from 2025

Saudi Arabia to mandate Type-C USB charging ports by 2025

Many Android devices in circulation at the time of article creation are equipped with a USB Type-C port. In addition, Apple's MacBook and some iPads also have a USB Type-C port, and if you use a USB Type-C cable, you can charge various devices with one. However, the iPhone 14 series announced in September 2022 still has only Apple's own Lightning port, and multiple cables must be prepared even when handling products from the same company such as MacBook and iPhone. continues.

Meanwhile, in October 2022, the EU passed a bill that requires smartphones, tablet terminals, and cameras to be equipped with a USB Type-C port for charging. With the passage of this bill, all smartphones and other devices sold in the EU will be equipped with USB Type-C by the end of 2024. In enacting this bill, the EU stated that it would allow all mobile phones to use a common charger. In addition, the EU cites ``reducing the waste of electronic devices'' and ``making the lives of consumers as easy as possible'' as reasons for deliberating the bill.

A bill to oblige all smartphones including iPhone to support USB Type-C is passed in the EU - GIGAZINE

The wave of enactment of the law that requires USB Type-C to be installed spreads to Saudi Arabia, and on August 9, 2023, the Saudi Standards and Metrology and Quality Organization and the Communication and Space Technology Committee announced that from January 1, 2025 onwards, in Saudi Arabia We have announced that all smartphones, headphones, keyboards, speakers, and routers will be required to have a USB Type-C port for charging. Also, from April 1, 2026, the obligation to install a USB Type-C port will be extended to notebook PCs.

“The bill aims to improve the user experience for Saudi citizens, reduce unnecessary costs such as purchasing new charging cables, and provide high-quality data transmission technology,” said the Saudi Communications and Space Technology Commission. I am,” he says.

With this decision, it will be possible to reduce domestic consumption of chargers and charging cables used for smartphones and other electronic devices by more than 2.2 million units annually. In addition, it is possible to reduce the expenditure of Saudi Arabian citizens by more than 170 million rials (about 6.5 billion yen). In addition, the obligatory introduction of USB Type-C ports is expected to reduce electronic waste by approximately 1.5 billion tons annually, contributing to the achievement of Saudi Arabia's goal of emphasizing sustainability in the industrial sector.

Apple has not commented on Saudi Arabia's decision, but when it came to mandating USB Type-C ports in the EU, it said, ``If a common charger becomes mandatory, hundreds of millions of Lightning compatible Devices and accessories will become unnecessary, and an unprecedented amount of electronic waste will be generated, ”he said, opposing the EU bill.

Apple announces a rebuttal statement against the EU's ``common charger for smartphones'' request - GIGAZINE

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