Disney+ and Hulu Announce Price Increases, Crackdown on Account Sharing

From October 12, 2023, it was found that the price of Hulu and Disney + will increase in the United States. Bob Iger, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, which owns both services, said that users who share accounts and use the service are 'actively looking for ways to deal with it.' We are planning to enact a policy.

Disney+ to Launch Ad-Supported Subscription Offering in Several Countries Across Europe and in Canada on November 1 | Business Wire

https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20230809663794/en/Disney-to-Launch-Ad-Supported-Subscription-Offering-in-Several-Countries-Across-Europe-and-in-Canada-on- November-1

Disney announces price hike for Disney+ and Hulu, crackdown on password sharing - 9to5Mac

In the United States, Hulu and Disney + have advertisement plans , and you can use them at a cheaper price of $ 3 (about 430 yen) to $ 7 (about 1000 yen) per month than the plan without advertisements.

Disney+, which introduced an ad-supported plan on a trial basis, announced that it would ``expand the service following the success of the ad-supported plan,'' and revealed that it would expand the ad-supported plan throughout Europe and Canada. As a result, the price in the United States will increase.

In addition, 'Disney + (no ads) and Hulu (no ads)' will be added to the set plans 'Disney + (no ads) and Hulu (with ads)' already available in the United States.

In Japan, Hulu is 1026 yen per month including tax, Disney + is 990 yen per month including tax or 9900 yen per year including tax, and Hulu and Disney + set plan is offered at 1490 yen per month including tax (both without advertisement).

Hulu is a service for the United States, and besides the United States, it is the only service in Japan, but since the Hulu business for Japan has already been sold to Nippon Television, the price change in the United States will be in Japan. is not expected to affect Hulu's price. It is unknown whether the price of Disney+ for Japan will change. The impact on Hulu and Disney + set plans is also unknown at the time of writing.

In the United States, Hulu's monthly plan (no ads) increased from $ 14.99 (about 2160 yen) to $ 17.99 (about 2590 yen). Disney + (no advertisement) monthly plan increased from $ 10.99 (about 1580 yen) to $ 13.99 (about 2010 yen), annual plan increased from $ 100.99 (about 14,520 yen) to $ 133.99 (about 20,130 yen) To do.

Disney has also announced a policy to deal with users who share accounts and view illegally, and plans to include a policy on account sharing in 2023 and develop a specific strategy in 2024. I'm here. ``We have made cracking down on account sharing a top priority, and we see the opportunity to grow our business,'' Eiger said.

In addition, Netflix, the same video streaming service, has begun cracking down on account sharing, and it is reported that the number of paying members has decreased by more than 1 million.

As a result of Netflix cracking down on ``free riding'' by sharing passwords, the number of users decreased by more than 1 million, and the number of cancellations tripled compared to the same period last year-GIGAZINE

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