A woman whose home is treated as a warehouse by an unscrupulous Amazon trader and is sent a returned product without permission and is charged a shipping fee of tens of thousands of yen

Many people have heard of cases where ``packages that have not been ordered'' arrive from online shops such as Amazon. Anka Nitu, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, receives `` Amazon packages that have not been ordered '' almost every day, and sometimes he is asked to pay the shipping fee.

BC woman buried in Amazon packages she did not ask for and does not want | CBC News

Amazon's packages arrive at Mr. Nitu's house almost every day.

Mr. Nitu said he received more than 50 packages containing women's shoes in the past two months. Since the package has an Amazon return label with Mr. Nitu's home address, Mr. Nitu said, ``To reduce the cost of disposal of unwanted returned products by Amazon marketplace sellers, the I'm guessing that the house is designated as the return destination.'

Some of the luggage was designated as cash on delivery, and Mr. Nitu said that he was charged more than $ 300 (about 43,000 yen).

'It's cheaper for sellers to send returned items to a random address than to China,' said Nisha Hoti, director of marketing and communications for the nonprofit Better Business Bureau. 'He speculates that Mr. Nitu's case is the work of an Amazon marketplace seller who wants to avoid paying high shipping fees.

Amazon responded to CBS's interview, 'The problem has been resolved. Measures are being taken to stop the delivery of packages.' However, packages continue to arrive at Mr. Nitu's house, and even if you put up a notice on the front door saying, ``We refuse all packages designated as cash on delivery,'' and ``Don't leave your luggage at the door!'' It seems not.

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