It is discovered that the application 'NightOwl' that changes the brightness of the screen was hijacked silently, uninstallation is recommended

It turned out that the screen brightness adjustment application '

NightOwl ' for macOS, which has existed since 2018, was acquired by another company, and the sentence 'monetize traffic' was added to the terms of use.

Uninstall the Nightowl App, now.

NightOwl is a screen brightness adjustment application for macOS that allows you to switch the dark mode for each application or switch with a single key. According to web developer

Taylor Robinson , NightOwl was secretly acquired by a company called TPE.FYI LLC in late 2021.

Additionally, the NightOwl Terms of Service state that “The NightOwl App modifies the network settings of your device for use as a gateway for internet traffic, allowing it to share your internet traffic. It acts as a gateway for the NightOwl app's clients, including companies specializing in market research, SEO, brand protection, content distribution, cybersecurity, and more.' It seems that there was no notification to users about the revision of this Terms of Use.

There is almost no information about the company TPE.FYI LLC, and in addition to information that it was incorporated in March 2018 and

dissolved in March 2023, 'Prices based on analysis of YouTube video views and geographical data While building the setting model, it is known that the event company was responsible for setting the ticket price based on the actual demand of the artist.

Mr. Robinson reports, ``I have contacted NightOwl about this matter, but have not received an answer yet,'' urging him to uninstall NightOwl now.

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