A report that a book written by AI is sold under the name of another person on Amazon, the author whose name was used complained, ``If this is the case, it is better for my book to be sold as a pirated edition.''

The author name of the book displayed in the list of search results for books on Amazon makes it difficult to distinguish cases such as ``the same author name but actually a different person''. Using it, an author who encountered the damage of 'spoofing' selling a book generated by AI on Amazon with another author's name without permission said, 'I am credited as an author. If the book is sold, it's better for my book to be sold as a pirated version,' he said angrily.

I Would Rather See My Books Get Pirated Than This (Or: Why Goodreads and Amazon Are Becoming Dumpster Fires) | Jane Friedman


Jane Friedman, who has 25 years of experience in the publishing industry and is also a consultant, accuses Amazon of having multiple books in which her name is written as an author, even though she is irrelevant. Mr. Friedman strongly condemns such books as 'garbage books' that deceive readers by using other people's names and also reduce the author's reputation. According to Mr. Friedman, it seems that the 'garbage book' sold under Mr. Friedman's name was generated by AI.

These books don't have customer reviews and are mostly at the bottom of search results, so they're not expected to have much impact. Also, if you look at Mr. Friedman's author profile on Amazon, these 'garbage books' will not be displayed, so you can check carefully on the Amazon page and avoid fraud.

However, it is a big problem that misleading books continue to be sold on Amazon. According to Friedman, on Amazon's book review site

Goodreads , Friedman's profile included a 'trash book' named after Friedman. In order to change the Goodreads profile, it was necessary to contact the administration, and in fact, the problematic title was removed several hours after Mr. Friedman sent the complaint, but it is still sold on the Amazon store. It has been left as is. Another writer who encountered similar damage had to report 29 'garbage books' to Goodreads in a week.

``Amazon currently publishes a large amount of AI content, sometimes attributed to other authors in misleading or fraudulent ways,'' Friedman said. Requires active authors to keep an eye on the store because they have not taken any protection against There is no choice but to receive complaints and lose readers forever, ”he points out the problem.

Mr. Friedman also said that dealing with 'garbage books' is difficult. When Mr. Friedman reported to Amazon that ``these books are using my name and reputation without consent,'' Amazon said, ``If you have a trademark registration number related to your claim, please let me know.'' It seems that there was a reply. When Mr. Friedman told him that he did not have a trademark for his name, the correspondence ended and the book remained on sale without being deleted.

Finally, Friedman said, even if the 'trash books' were removed from the author's direct profile, they would still exist on the giant book-selling sites, and there would be nothing they could do about them. and said, 'Hey Amazon and Goodreads, please create a way for authors to easily verify authorship or block fraudulent books that authors are credited with. to,” he says.

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