I tried ice cream 'Gyugyutto Milky' & 'Tightly Country Maam' that perfectly reproduced the sweetness of Fujiya's classic sweets

`` Gyugyutto Milky '' and `` Tight Country Maam '', which are Fujiya's classic sweets `` Milky '' and `` Country Ma-am '', have appeared on August 8, 2023 (Tuesday) only at Seven-Eleven, so buy it. I came and tried it.

Fujiya Gyugyutto Milky|Seven-Eleven-Nearby and Convenient-


Fujiya Close Country Ma'am|Seven-Eleven ~Close and Convenient~

This is 'Gyugyutto Milky' and 'Tight Country Maam'. Both are cup ice.

Raw materials of 'Gyugyutto Milky' are sweetened condensed milk, sugar, cream cheese, salt and so on. 161 kcal in one meal.

It looks like ice cream.

When you eat it, the strong sweetness that seems to be milky, which is darker than vanilla ice cream, comes with a kick.

There was a layer like condensed milk around the center of the ice cream. Here is another layer of sweetness. Coffee or tea, a drink that scatters sweetness is a must.

On the other hand, the raw materials of 'Filled Country Maam' are cookies, starch syrup, sugar, whey powder, etc. 197kcal per meal.

It feels as if Country Ma'am has been kneaded into ice cream, and the degree of conviction is enhanced, saying, 'Certainly Country Ma'am is ice cream.' The sweetness is also sticky and rich, so I definitely want to eat it with a drink that resets my mouth next to it.

Both 'Gyugyutto Milky' and 'Tight Country Maam' are on sale at 198 yen excluding tax.

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