Staying at Hotel Aqua Kurobe, a 3-minute walk from Kurobe Station and convenient as a sightseeing base

I was traveling in the Hokuriku region, and when I was about to pass from Toyama Prefecture to Niigata Prefecture, I had the opportunity to find an inn, but there weren't many large towns on the prefectural border, so I searched for somewhere on the Toyama Prefecture side. I was able to secure a vacant room at ' Hotel Aqua Kurobe ' in Kurobe City, so I decided to stay.

Hotel Aqua Kurobe

Arrive at Kurobe Station on the Ainokaze Toyama Railway .

There is '

Lawson Kurobe Ekimae ' next to the station. Business hours are from 6:00 to 24:00, and shopping is possible even late, except for the last train from Toyama.

The location of Hotel Aqua Kurobe is here, a 3-minute walk from Kurobe Station. It is about a 10-minute walk from Kurobe Station on the Toyama Chiho Railway and Dentetsu.

the outside looks like this.

There are multiple restaurants, bars and a manipulative shop.

The reception is on the 2nd floor.

After check-in, take the elevator to your room. If you do not use the card key, you will not be able to go up to the floor where the guest room is located.

The place where I entered the room is like this.

As soon as you enter there is a big mirror.

The opposite side of the full-length mirror is a closet.

There are 9 hangers in total, so you can dry not only clothes but also towels.

A deodorizing spray for clothes is also available.

A safe located inside the closet.

Looking back at the entrance of the room, it looks like this.

This room was a twin room.

Each bedside is equipped with a light whose brightness can be adjusted.

In the center part of the headboard is a switch that can operate all the lights in the room, an outlet and a USB-A port.

Looking back from the bed side, the arrangement of the table and TV looks like this.

A humidifier and air purifier that fits snugly in the space next to the table.

A kettle and an ice bucket. The capacity of the pot is 1.25 liters.

Glasses and a refrigerator.

Three types of glasses, coffee cups, and teacups were prepared.

A 500ml PET bottle was prepared in the refrigerator.

A trash can next to the refrigerator.

This is the type of chair.

A triple mirror is provided in the drawer.

In the corner of the table, there were air conditioner remote controls, TV remote controls, clocks, etc. There is an outlet here.

In addition, there are two outlets behind the air purifier and two outlets on the left edge of the table.

There is also one next to the bed.

In addition, there is one near the door, so it should be enough to charge cameras and smartphones while operating the air purifier.

Room wear is a thin robe type.

The unit bus looks like this.

The toilet is a TOTO washlet.

The area around the washbasin is wide, and there is also an outlet for the dryer.

The shower is height adjustable.

The bathtub looks like this.

The room I stayed in had windows facing northwest, and I could see the sunset just right.

You can also see the cars of the Ainokaze Toyama Railway and the Toyama Chiho Railway running.

It's a double roll curtain, so if you put down a thick one, you can block out the sun.

On the 3rd floor, there is a corner with vending machines and ice machines.

There is also a smoking room in the back.

A coin laundry is available 24 hours a day. Washing is 200 yen once, drying is 100 yen for 30 minutes.

In addition, when the speed of the in-house Wi-Fi was measured at 19:00, the download was 38Mpbs and the upload was 31Mbps.

The accommodation fee was 7500 yen including tax for a standard room without meals plan.

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