'TweetDeck' officially renamed to 'XPro'


TweetDeck ', which is widely known as Twitter's official web application, has finally been renamed to ' Xpro ' in the trend of Twitter's brand name changing to X.

TweetDeck is now called 'XPro'

The new TweetDeck displays the 'XPro' name along with the 'X' logo. On the other hand, the URL remains

tweetdeck.twitter.com .

If you display it in the old design, 'TweetDeck' will return. How to return is explained below.

Twitter restores the old version of TweetDeck, it is unknown how long it can be used - GIGAZINE

Twitter posted on July 4, 2023 that ``Users accessing TweetDeck must be ``authenticated'' and said that this provision would be applied within 30 days, so it is free for everyone so far. There was concern that TweetDeck, which could be used in , would become a tool that could only be used by paid subscription Twitter Blue (currently X Blue) subscribers.

The change to XPro this time is seen as a stepping stone to limit the users who can use the app.

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