The action camera 'Osmo Action 4' can take underwater, night, and close-up shots and can be used in any location 365 days a year.

DJI's action camera '

Osmo Action 4 ', which appeared on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, has advanced image stabilization performance that allows you to take pictures with less blur even during intense action . I took Osmo Action 4 to environments where cameras are weak, such as underwater and at night, to see what kind of images I could shoot.

DJI Osmo Action 4 - Reveal your colorful passion - DJI

Osmo Action 4 has extremely advanced image stabilization performance that can suppress blur even in situations such as 'running down the stairs.' You can find out more about Osmo Action 4's image stabilization performance in the article below.

The action camera 'Osmo Action 4' is attractive for its advanced image stabilization performance that cancels out the blurring of stair dashes - GIGAZINE

This time, I used Osmo Action 4 to try shooting in situations that video cameras are not good at, such as ``underwater photography'', ``night photography'', and ``close-up photography''.

◆Underwater photography
Osmo Action 4 is waterproof up to 18m, allowing you to take underwater photos without using a waterproof case. In order to see what kind of images I could record when shooting underwater, I attached it to an extension rod and plunged it into the river.

Below is the video that was actually taken. Some waterproof video cameras don't match the white balance when submerged in water, resulting in a bright blue image, but Osmo Action 4 always maintains its optimum quality even after being repeatedly submerged and removed from the water. Maintains white balance. The image quality setting when shooting is 4K / 60fps, and the angle of view is 'Standard (distortion correction)'.

I tried taking pictures underwater with the action camera 'Osmo Action 4' - YouTube

◆Night photography
In order to check the night shooting performance, I took pictures at 4K and 60fps while walking around Ebisu Bridge in Osaka around 10pm. Even at night, I was able to take clear pictures while suppressing blur.

Shooting near Ebisu Bridge at night with 'Osmo Action 4' - YouTube

Next, I tried taking pictures on a dark road with only streetlights as shown below.

The shooting result looks like this. Although there was some noise, I was able to take pictures with the same brightness as with the naked eye.

I tried shooting a dark road with 'Osmo Action 4' - YouTube

◆Close-up photography
In order to verify whether it can focus on close-up subjects, I took a picture of food on a desk while sitting on a chair. You can take pictures of the food on your desk without getting up from your chair, but if you bring the camera too close to the food, it will be out of focus. When photographing food with Osmo Action 4, it is best to limit it to a panoramic view.

Shooting a close-range subject with the action camera 'Osmo Action 4' - YouTube

After actually using Osmo Action 4 in various situations, I found that it not only has powerful image stabilization, but also can be used in special environments such as underwater or at night without any problems. Although I'm not good at super close-up photography, I can focus on a subject on a table while sitting on a chair, so I recommend using it as a Vlog camera with powerful image stabilization.

We have published an article verifying the battery life performance of Osmo Action 4.

'Osmo Action 4' can shoot movies for a longer time than GoPro and past models - GIGAZINE

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