DJI's dual screen equipped 4K action camera 'Osmo Action 4' haste photo review

Device maker `` DJI '' known for drones and gimbal-equipped cameras announced the action camera `` Osmo Action 4 '' on Wednesday, August 2, 2023. Like the previous generation model '

Osmo Action 3 ', Osmo Action 4 adopts a simple mounting system that combines magnets and claws in a small body, while improving shooting performance overall. Since I had the opportunity to touch such Osmo Action 4, I first checked the details of the appearance and mounting system.

DJI Osmo Action 4 - Unleash Your Colorful Passion - DJI

◆ Unpacking & appearance check
This time, we will try 'ADVENTURE COMBO' which is a set of Osmo Action 4 main body, extension rod, and battery case.

Inside the box were two small boxes and an extension rod.

Taking out the contents of the small box looks like this. From the top left, the Osmo Action 4 body, protective case, and various mounting parts.

The other small box contained a battery case, a USB Type-C cable, mounting parts, instructions, and a DJI sticker.

The Osmo Action 4 has a touch-enabled display and lens on the front.

It also has a touch-enabled display on the back.

The left side.

When you open the cover like this, the battery and microSD card enter.

There is a power button and a cover on the right side.

When I opened the cover on the right side, there was a USB-C port.

There is a recording start / stop button on the top.

There is also a recess on the bottom for attaching mounting parts.

◆I attached it to various accessories
Osmo Action 4 can be used handheld, but by attaching mounting parts, it can be attached to various accessories such as selfie sticks and chest mounts. The mounting parts stick together with magnetic force and can be firmly fixed with claws. Even when I picked up the mount part and shook it, there was no sign of it coming off.

After attaching the mounting parts to Osmo Action 4 and attaching the extension rod, it looks like this.

The extension rod can be extended up to about 150 cm.

Attaching the protective case to the Osmo Action 4 body allows vertical mounting.

The protective case can be easily installed by simply opening and closing the buckle.

The appearance of the protective case state looks like this.

The side of the protective case has a recess similar to the bottom of the Osmo Action 4 main unit, where mounting parts can be attached.

By attaching mounting parts to the side of the protective case, you can attach accessories with Osmo Action 4 in portrait orientation as shown below. If you shoot a movie in this state, you can shoot a vertically long movie.

Even when the adapter is attached, the mounting parts can be set on the bottom of the Osmo Action 4 body, so you can switch between vertical and horizontal orientations according to the situation.

Also, since the connecting part of the mounting parts and accessories has the same shape as the GoPro series, when I tried to see if various accessories sold for GoPro can be installed, the GoPro official suction cup mount was installed without problems.

GoPro official chest mount was also installed. Osmo Action 4 seems to be able to install accessories that say 'For GoPro' without problems.

Overall, Osmo Action 4 looks almost the same as the previous generation model Osmo Action 3, so Osmo Action 3 users are likely to switch without discomfort.

The blur correction performance of Osmo Action 4 is verified in detail in the following article.

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