The action camera 'Osmo Action 4' is attractive with advanced blur correction performance that cancels the blurring of the staircase dash

DJI's action camera ' Osmo Action 4 ', which appeared on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, is packed with a high-performance blur correction function in a small body, and records stable images at maximum 4K / 120fps even during intense action. Is possible. Since I had the opportunity to touch such Osmo Action 4, I tried to verify the angle of view and blur correction performance after

checking the appearance .

DJI Osmo Action 4 - Unleash Your Colorful Passion - DJI

The Osmo Action 4 is an action camera with two touch-enabled displays on the front and back, and a unique magnetic mounting system that allows you to attach a variety of accessories. Details of the appearance and mounting system of Osmo Action 4 can be confirmed in the following articles. This time, we will verify the basic shooting performance of Osmo Action 4 as an action camera.

I checked the appearance and mountable accessories of DJI's high-performance action camera 'Osmo Action 4' - GIGAZINE

◆ Check the angle of view
With Osmo Action 4, the angle of view can be selected from three levels: ``standard (distortion correction)'', ``wide angle'', and ``ultra wide angle'', so I tried shooting in the same direction from the same place while switching the angle of view. First of all, below is a part of the movie taken with 'standard (distortion correction)'.

It is like this when it is 'wide angle'. Compared to 'Standard (Distortion Correction)', you can shoot a wider range, but the distortion increases as you move away from the center.

It is like this when it is 'super wide angle' with the widest angle of view. Distortion became noticeable at the same time as the shooting range expanded.

Next, I tried shooting the scenery with 'standard (distortion correction)'. The image quality setting is 4K/60fps.

Movie shot with 'Osmo Action 4' angle of view set to 'standard (distortion correction)' - YouTube

Below is a movie taken at the same place with the angle of view set to 'ultra wide angle'. The 'ultra-wide angle' results in a very dynamic image.

Movie taken with the angle of view of 'Osmo Action 4' set to 'ultra wide angle' - YouTube

◆ Check the blur correction performance
Osmo Action 4's blur correction function has 4 modes, 'off', 'RockSteady', 'RockSteady+' and 'HorizonBalancing', and 'HorizonBalancing' also corrects vertical tilt in addition to blur correction. The following movie was taken while switching the blur correction mode of `` going up and down the stairs with a dash '', and when you shoot a movie, you can understand the correction performance of each mode. The angle of view is 'standard (distortion correction)' and the image quality setting is 4K / 60fps.

Verification of blur correction performance of action camera 'Osmo Action 4' with staircase dash - YouTube

Below is a part of the movie shot in 'RockSteady +' mode. Even though I shot it under extremely blurry conditions, such as 'running down the stairs', I was able to shoot with a quality that can be used as a still image. Osmo Action 4 has enough stabilization performance to be used even during intense activities.

In the article below, Osmo Action 4 performs 'night photography', 'underwater photography' and 'close-up photography' to verify its qualities as a Vlog camera that can be used in any situation.

The action camera 'Osmo Action 4' can shoot underwater, at night, and in close proximity, and can be active in any place for 365 days - GIGAZINE

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