Mr. Donut's 'Raw French Cruller' Tasting Review with French Cruller Moist and Fluffy

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the appearance of Mister Donut's standard product 'French Cruller', three kinds of ' raw French Cruller ' of a new dough that sticks to the texture that melts in your mouth have appeared, so go eat immediately I came.

Raw French Cruller | Mister Donut

Arrived at Mister Donut.

The new product 'Raw French Cruller' was lined up in the showcase.

First of all, normal ' raw French cruller '.

At first glance, the surface looks crispy and hard, but it's actually very soft and fluffy. The texture is also very soft and just melts in your mouth. It's simple but innovative.

Next, ' Angel & Custard Raw French ' like Angel French.

Whipped cream and custard cream are sandwiched in the dough, and the soft texture and plenty of sweetness will fill your mouth. The candy almonds in the chocolate coating are a good accent.

The last is ' Angel & Berry Raw French '.

Whipped cream and mixed berry jam are sandwiched between the dough and coated with strawberry chocolate. The mixed berry jam is so plentiful that the sandwiched dough seems to bend, and one piece is filled with sweetness and sourness.

'Raw French Cruller' is 183 yen including tax for takeout and 187 yen including tax for eat-in. 'Angel & Custard Raw French' and 'Angel & Berry Raw French' are 216 yen including tax for takeout and 220 yen including tax for eat-in.

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