A curry flavor was born in ``0 second chicken ramen'' that you can eat as it is without using hot water, and I tried eating ``0 second chicken ramen curry flavor'' with a strong curry scent

Nissin Foods' '

0 Second Chicken Ramen ', which appeared in April 2022, became a hot topic by proposing a bold way to eat 'chicken ramen as it is'. This chicken ramen's new flavor `` 0 second chicken ramen curry flavor '' will appear on August 14, 2023 (Monday), so I actually ate this product I got ahead of time.

'0 second chicken ramen curry taste' (released on August 14) | Nissin Food Group

This is '0 second chicken ramen curry flavor'.

No boiling water allowed.

Curry powder, soy sauce, chicken extract, etc. are used as raw materials.

The calorie is 363 kcal per serving.

This is the contents. It looks like normal chicken ramen.

When you crunch it up and eat it, a unique flavor that adds saltiness to the scent of spice curry spreads in your mouth. The presence of chicken extract is strong, and somehow it feels like the flavor of 'chicken cutlet curry chicken cutlet'. Although it was called curry, it was not particularly spicy, and it was finished in a taste that could be eaten forever.

This time I got '0 second chicken ramen' so I will try it again.

On the other hand, I bought normal chicken ramen at the supermarket.

Soy sauce, sugar, chicken extract, etc. are used as raw materials for 0 second chicken ramen. The calorie is 362 kcal per meal.

Raw materials of ordinary chicken ramen are soy sauce, salt, chicken extract, etc. The calorie is 377 kcal per meal.

It looks like this when you take it all out. From the left, '0 seconds chicken ramen curry flavor' '0 seconds chicken ramen' 'chicken ramen'. Looking at this, the color is slightly different, '0 second chicken ramen curry flavor' is slightly darker than 'chicken ramen', and '0 second chicken ramen' is slightly thinner.

'0 second chicken ramen' has a slightly salty taste because it has no curry flavor. The unique smell of chicken ramen noodles remains, and it feels more like ordinary chicken ramen. On the other hand, '0 second chicken ramen curry flavor' is a taste closer to a general snack.

Ordinary chicken ramen is naturally salty. It seems like it would be fine if you eat it as a snack with alcohol, but if you eat it crunchy, your tongue will not be able to endure the saltiness that oozes out.

After all, normal chicken ramen is limited to eating normally.

The suggested retail price of ``0 second chicken ramen curry flavor'' is 136 yen excluding tax, and it is scheduled to be sold nationwide from August 14, 2023 (Monday).

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