X is conducting a test to change 'tweet' to 'post'

Twitter's brand name has changed to 'X', the icon has changed from a bird to the letter X, and the app name has changed to 'X'. Tweet)' is still used as is. However, it is known that this 'tweet' will soon disappear and be replaced by 'post'.

Tweets should be called posts now - The Verge


Twitter is now X for Android, tweet is now post

According to a post by 'X' user Evelyn Janeidy Arevalo (@JaneidyEve), the button that was once written as 'Tweet' in browser version X had changed to 'Post'.

It seems that Tweet has changed to Post even in version 10.1.0-beta.1 of the Android application.

Also, Virtual Bishoujo Nemu/Nem⚡world's first ????Tuber (@nemchan_nel) reports that 'tweet' has changed to 'post' in Japanese.

As these changes are being phased in, some official X pages still use the term 'tweet'. Below is the English version of the help page, which is written as 'How to Tweet'.

How to Tweet – what is a Tweet, keyboard shortcuts, and sources

In Japanese, it means 'how to tweet'.

How to Tweet – What are Tweets, Keyboard Shortcuts and Sources


The notation of the Japanese version of Google Play is 'Twitter' instead of 'X'.

Twitter-Apps on Google Play


On the other hand, it is already 'X' in the English version of Google Play. The package name of the app is com.twitter.android, but it is unlikely that it will be changed in the end because it is necessary to register it as a new app in order to change it.

X - Apps on Google Play

Mr. Mask once muttered that he would change the name 'tweet' to 'X' 'X's', but in the end these changes were not made.

In addition, Mr. Mask said one of the reasons for changing Twitter to X, ``The name Twitter was meaningful when messages of 140 characters were exchanged like birds chirping, but now it is a few hours of video. You can now post almost anything, including over the next few months we will be adding comprehensive communication and the ability to manage the financial industry as a whole because the name Twitter doesn't make sense in this context so we I have to say goodbye to this bird (Twitter).'

Earon Mask talks about why he changed the name from ``Twitter'' to ``X'', claiming that the name ``Twitter'' is not suitable because it will be a comprehensive application including financial transactions - GIGAZINE

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