GIGAZINE Summer Gift Campaign 'Answer the Questionnaire and Take It All!'

The giveaway campaign has finally begun, where you can get a chance to win free gifts by simply answering a simple survey! The deadline is Sunday, August 6th at 11:59pm , and there are a total of over 60 gifts to be given away this time! Some of the gifts will be given to dozens of people, so it's pretty easy to get them, so there's no harm in applying!

We are also researching points that cannot be determined by access analysis alone, such as 'What kind of people are reading GIGAZINE?', so even if you don't want a gift but would like to participate in the survey, we would be very grateful if you could answer the survey!

◆ Application period
From Saturday, July 22, 2023 to Sunday, August 6, 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

◆Gift number list
◆01: NETGEAR '

Orbi 9 AXE11000 RBKE963B ' ' Orbi 9 AXE11000 RBSE960 Additional Satellite ' (1 person)
This is the top model in the Orbi series, and is worth paying a total of 375,200 yen including tax, making it the most expensive item among the gifts this time. It is a set of a quad-band mesh Wi-Fi system compatible with Wi-Fi 6E and an additional satellite that expands the Wi-Fi range by 279 m2 with one unit. It achieves high-speed communication of approximately 10.8 Gbps in total for the quad band, providing an ultra-fast Wi-Fi environment for up to 200 devices. The speed is 4804 Mbps in the 6 GHz band, 2402 Mbps in the 5 GHz band, and 1147 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band.

◆02: NETGEAR '

Orbi AX6000 RBK863SB ' (1 person)
This is a tri-band mesh Wi-Fi system that supports Wi-Fi 6. It achieves speeds of 2402Mbps on the 5GHz band and 1147Mbps on the 2.4GHz band.

◆03: NETGEAR '

Orbi AX5400 RBK762S ' (1 person)
This is a tri-band mesh Wi-Fi system that supports Wi-Fi 6 and 10GbE. It achieves speeds of 2402Mbps in the 5GHz band and 574Mbps in the 2.4GHz band.

◆04: NETGEAR '

AXE3000 A8000 Nighthawk Tri-Band WiFi 6E USB 3.0 Adapter ' (1 person)
When connected to a router that supports Wi-Fi 6E and inserted into a USB port, this adapter enables non-compatible PCs to communicate over the 6GHz band via Wi-Fi 6E. The speeds are 1201Mbps on the 6GHz band, 1201Mbps on the 5GHz band, and 574Mbps on the 2.4GHz band.

◆05: Anker ' Eufy Clean X9 Pro with Auto-Clean Station ' (1 person)
This is a robot vacuum cleaner that can wipe with water or dry. It was provided as a gift by Anker. This vacuum cleaner is also in operation and highly praised by GIGAZINE. If you put water in the tank, it will automatically water and automatically dry the mop after cleaning.

You can check the reviews of the product by clicking the link below.

Review of the robot vacuum cleaner 'Eufy Clean X9 Pro' that supports wet wiping, dry wiping and automatic mop cleaning, solving carpet problems by 'raising' the mop - GIGAZINE

◆06: ASUS ' ROG Ally ' (1 person)
This is a portable gaming PC from ASUS, a company well known for its laptops and video cards. ASUS provided it as a gift. Although it is hardware specialized for gaming, it is a convenient device that can be used for not only gaming but also web browsing as it comes with Windows 11. It is recommended for those who want to play their usual games at their bedside or while traveling.

We have published five articles about ROG Ally, including

a photo review , a size comparison with the Nintendo Switch , setup , battery and cooling performance verification , and the following gameplay review.

What does it feel like to play games on ASUS's portable gaming PC 'ROG Ally' that allows you to play Elden Ring, Apex Legends, and Katamari Soul anywhere? - GIGAZINE

◆07: Yamazen ' YEC-RD03 ' (1 person)
This is a rotary tabletop cooler with dimensions of 200mm wide x 190mm deep x 420mm high, and weighs approximately 5.3kg. It was provided to me as a gift by Yamazen. Equipped with cool air, fan, and dry functions, it is perfect for preventing humidity when drying clothes indoors and for preventing the heat of summer. When operated with cool air (air volume: strong) in an environment with a temperature of 27°C and humidity of 47%, it will blow out air with an ambient temperature difference of -7°C as soon as you turn it on. The water tank capacity is approximately 1.0L. The rated dehumidification capacity is 0.55L per day. An article on its actual use will be posted at a later date.

◆08: Anker '

Anker Soundcore Liberty 4 NC Midnight Black ' (1 person)
These wireless earphones feature high-performance noise canceling. They support the high-quality codec LDAC and are IPX4 waterproof. They are devices that can play music for up to 50 hours.

For more details on the features, please see the following article.

I tried using Anker's Soundcore Liberty 4 NC, a completely wireless earphone with a maximum playback time of 50 hours and a super powerful noise canceling function - GIGAZINE

◆09: Logitech ' Logicool G502 X PLUS White ' (1 person)
This gaming mouse is equipped with Logitech's light effect technology ' LIGHTSYNC ', allowing you to enjoy vivid light effects. It was provided to me as a gift by Logitech.

It weighs 106g. It charges via USB Type-C and connects to a LIGHTSPEED USB-A receiver. It has a total of 13 programmable buttons, including three on the thumb.

The following article explains how to use it.

Review of the ultra-multifunctional yet easy-to-use high-end gaming mouse 'G502 X Plus Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse' - GIGAZINE

◆10: Wacom ' Wacom Intuos Small Berry Pink ' (1 person)
This is a pen tablet that can be used with Windows PCs and some Android devices. It was provided as a gift by Wacom. It has 4096 levels of pen pressure, a reading accuracy of ±0.25mm, and a reading range of 152 x 95mm. It connects to the device via Bluetooth.

For more details, please see the article below.

I tried out Wacom's entry-level pen tablet 'Wacom Intuos', which can be purchased for about 10,000 yen, perfect for beginners in digital art - GIGAZINE

◆11: Cerevo ' LiveShell W ' ' Control Pad ' (1 person)
This set includes the Cerevo live streaming device 'LiveShell W' that allows switching and mixing, and the 'Control Pad' that allows you to assign multiple keys to operate it at your fingertips. Cerevo provided this set as a gift.

We have published a total of eight articles about 'Liveshell W,' starting with

a photo review ,followed by articles on how to live stream camera footage on YouTube , how to simultaneously live stream and record to external storage , how to live stream footage within the same LAN without relying on external services , how to live stream simultaneously on three services including YouTube and Twitch , how to continue live streaming 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , how to live stream camera footage outdoors , and a comprehensive summary of compositing effects such as chromakey compositing .

The control pad is an optional device for the 'LiveShell W' that consists of a long, thin base with keys and knobs.

◆12: HARIO '

HARIO ECB-1-W ' (1 person)
This is a rechargeable blender that can be used in two ways: as a blender or a food processor. HARIO provided this to us as a gift. The image below shows it in blender mode.

By replacing parts, it can become a food processor.

The following article explains how to use it.

Review of Hario's convenient cooking appliance 'Cordless 2WAY Blender' that can be used without power and can quickly make smoothies and chop with just one unit - GIGAZINE

◆13: Thermos ' ECI-661 ' (2 people)
This is a coffee maker for iced coffee. It was given to me as a gift by Thermos. Just insert the paper filter, add ground coffee, fill the water tank with water, and press the switch to start dripping.

The dripped coffee goes directly into the server, so you can pour the coffee immediately after it has been dripped. More details will be explained in a review article to be published later.

◆14: Panasonic '

Delicious Chill Plate ' (for 2 people)
This plate can keep things cold. Panasonic gave it to me as a gift. After cooling something in the freezer, you can place a beer glass on it to keep it at a constant temperature or to cool down food.

◆15: ELECOM '

LiFERE Small IH Rice Cooker White ' (1 person)
This is a compact 1-cup rice cooker measuring approximately 169 x 127 x 228 mm. It was provided as a gift by ELECOM.

This item will solve your problems, such as wanting to eat rice but not wanting to overcook it, or a regular rice cooker being too big for one person to use. You can see how to use it and what the cooked rice looks like in the article below.

Review of ELECOM's 'Small IH Rice Cooker' - a slim, easy-to-carry rice cooker perfect for single-person living, specialized for cooking one cup of rice - GIGAZINE

◆16: OXO ' Pop Container Starter Set ' (1 person)
This is a storage container that can evacuate air and become sealed by pressing the button on the top to prevent moisture from entering from the outside. It comes in a set of 2 x 0.2L and 1 x 0.4L.

◆17: Atom Tech 'ATOM Smart Sensing Set pre1' (1 person)
This set includes

the ATOM Cam Swing, a smart home camera that can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically, and the ATOM Sensor V2 , which can manage the indoor conditions with three sensors: a motion sensor, an opening/closing sensor, and a temperature and humidity sensor. I received these as a gift from Atom Tech.

We have already written an article about

the photo review , installation , and function check of ATOM Cam Swing. We have also published an article about the ATOM Sensor V2, where we actually tried using each sensor.

Review of the smart sensor 'ATOM Sensor V2' that can easily handle 'door opening/closing detection', 'human movement detection', and 'temperature and humidity recording' - GIGAZINE

◆18: Microsoft ' Surface Thunderbolt 4 Dock ' (2 winners)
This dock can stream video to two 4K monitors at 60Hz and connect various devices to a laptop. It was provided to me as a gift by Microsoft. On the front, it has one USB Type-C port (USB 4, Thunderbolt 4) and one USB Type-A port (USB 3.1 Gen 2).

On the back, there is one Ethernet port, two USB Type-A ports (USB 3.1 Gen 2), two USB Type-C ports (USB 4, Thunderbolt 4), and one 3.5mm audio jack.

◆19: Dell '

Dell 6-in-1 USB-C Multiport Adapter - DA305 ' (3 people)
This is a disc-shaped adapter equipped with 2 USB Type-A ports (USB 3.2 Gen 2), 1 USB Type-C port (USB 3.2 Gen 2), 1 Ethernet port, 1 HDMI port, and 1 DisplayPort. It was provided to me as a gift by Dell.

It has a stylish design that allows you to twist it around to expose the USB Type-C cable.

◆20: Anker '

Anker 675 USB-C Docking Station (12-in-1, Monitor Stand, Wireless) ' (1 person)
This docking station can also be used as a stand for a monitor.

On the left side, there is one USB Type-C port (USB 3.2 Gen 2), two USB Type-A ports (USB 3.2 Gen 2), a microSD and SD card slot, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

On the back right side of the stand, there is one USB Type-C port (USB 3.2 Gen 2), a DC input port, one USB Type-A port (USB 3.2 Gen 2), one Ethernet port, and one HDMI port.

◆21: Sanwa Supply '

USB-CVDK8 ' (1 person)
This is a docking station that can connect multiple devices to a PC. It was provided as a gift by Sanwa Supply. It is equipped with 1 x 3.5mm audio jack, 1 x VGA port, 1 x microSD & SD card slot, 1 x Ethernet port, 3 x USB Type-A ports (USB 3.2 Gen 1), 2 x HDMI ports, and 1 x USB Type-C port (USB 3.2 Gen 1 / for charging only).

You can also use it by placing it under your laptop.

◆22: Yamazen '

YLX-EHD25 White ' (1 person)
This fan has 8 levels of airflow adjustment. It was provided as a gift by Yamazen.

Its greatest feature is that it can be disassembled into a compact unit consisting of the base, shaft, and fan.

All of this can be stored in the included pouch.

◆23: Anker '

Anker 737 MagGo Charger (3-in-1 Station) ' (1 person)
This wireless charger can charge at up to 15W.

With MagSafe support, you can charge up to three devices simultaneously, including iPhones and Apple Watches.

Other Qi-compatible wireless earphones can also be charged. The earphones are placed inside the base. I tried placing Sony's '

WF-1000Xm4 ' on it, and it charged without any problems. I'll look into the features in more detail in a review article to be published in the future.

◆24: Anker '

Anker Soundcore Motion X600 Space Gray ' (1 person)
This is a portable Hi-Fi speaker from Anker that delivers surround sound that seems to shower sound from all around you in 360 degrees.

The top looks like this. It is IPX7 waterproof, so you can use it in the bathroom or kitchen. It can play for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

For more detailed information on the features, please see the following article.

Review of the world's first portable Bluetooth speaker with spatial audio 'Anker Soundcore Motion X600' - GIGAZINE

◆25: Anker ' Anker Power Bank (10000mAh, 30W) ' (1 person)
This is one of the world's smallest mobile batteries. The USB Type-C port supports PD and has a maximum output of 30W.

The device has a function that displays the remaining charge.

For more details about yesterday, please see the article below.

Review of 'Anker Power Bank (10000mAh, 30W)' with amazing compactness and enough power to charge iPhone 14 twice - GIGAZINE

◆26: Synology ' BeeDrive 1TB ' (1 winner)
It is a small SSD measuring 65mm x 65mm x 15mm. It was provided to me as a gift by Synology. It can be used as an external SSD by connecting it via USB Type-C (USB 3.2 Gen 2) with a maximum transfer speed of 10Gbps, and can also perform wireless data transfer at up to 1050MB/s via Wi-Fi. You can back up folders in your PC in real time and transfer data from your smartphone to your PC via BeeDrive. I will post a review article on how to actually use it at a later date.

◆27: Western Digital '

PRO-CINEMA CFexpress VPG400 Type B 256GB ' (1 person)
This is a CFexpress Type B card that can be used with digital cameras. It was provided as a gift by Western Digital. With a burst write speed of up to 1400MB/s and a read speed of up to 1700MB/s, this model is suitable for high-resolution image and video shooting.

◆28: SB C&S '

GLIDiC TW-4000P ' (1 person)
These earphones, also known as ' mameBuds ', are approximately 16.5mm wide x 16mm deep x 21mm high. They were provided as a gift by SB C&S.

The compact design is stickless and does not interfere with the earphones, so you can listen to music or talk comfortably while lying down. Without the charging case, the continuous usage time is about 6.5 hours for music playback.

For more details on features, please see the review article below.

Review of the 'GLIDiC TW-4000P' earphones, which are compact and can be worn comfortably even while lying down, making them ideal for 'listening while doing other things' - GIGAZINE

◆29: Sanwa Supply ' MA-EWBS513BK ' (1 person)
This is an ergonomic mouse with a raised body. It was provided to me as a gift by Sanwa Supply. It can be connected wirelessly using a dedicated receiver, and can operate continuously for up to 137 hours on one AA battery. Using the dedicated software, you can assign your favorite functions to the two buttons on the right index finger side and the wheel click.

◆30: OPPO '

OPPO Band 2 Black ' (2 winners)
This is a fitness smartwatch with a 1.57-inch OLED display. OPPO gave it to me as a gift. It has unique features such as a 'Running Mode' that analyzes your pitch and stride length, and a 'Pro Tennis Mode' that records the number and type of shots.

For details on how to use and charge the device, please see the following article.

'OPPO Band 2', which can be purchased for less than 10,000 yen and can measure heart rate and record activity, is a device full of familiar features of smart watches, 'this is good' - GIGAZINE

◆31: Taito ' Rays Arcade Chronology (Standard Edition) ' (2 people)
This is the PlayStation 4 version of 'Ray's Arcade Chronology,' a compilation of Taito's classic shooter trilogy 'Rayforce,' 'Raystorm,' and 'RayCrisis' in one game. Taito provided this as a gift.

You can now play the nostalgic vertical scrolling shooters that were released in 1994, 1996, and 1998 as many times as you like. For more details, please see the review article below.

The famous shooting games 'Ray Force', 'Ray Storm' and 'Ray Crisis' famous for their lock-on lasers are finally available on the Nintendo Switch 'Rays Arcade Chronology' review, two-player simultaneous play is of course possible and the option settings are simply full-fledged - GIGAZINE

Added July 24, 2023: We originally listed this as the Nintendo Switch version, but the correct version is the PlayStation 4 version, as shown in the photo.

◆32: Taito ' Darius Cosmic Revelation (Standard Edition) ' (2 people)
This is the PlayStation 4 version of the software that includes ' G Darius HD ' and ' Darius Burst Another Chronicle EX + ', which are side-scrolling shooters from Taito that came out in 1997 and 2011, respectively, with new elements added. Taito provided these as gifts. While they made G Darius HD and made it compatible with the latest graphics, they also reproduced the 'sluggish processing' in response to feedback that the game speed was too fast, making this a unique work that combines tradition and innovation. A play review will be posted at a later date.

Added July 24, 2023: This was also originally listed as the Nintendo Switch version, but this is incorrect; it actually is the PlayStation 4 version.

◆33: PLAYISM '

Molten Malfusha PS4 version, PS5 version, Nintendo Switch version, Xbox One version game code' (1 person each)
This is a game code for a side-scrolling shooter game in which a beautiful girl uses firearms to repel hordes of approaching mechanical soldiers. It was provided as a gift by PLAYISM.

You can enjoy a dark and dystopian worldview, where wages are taxed, citizens are ranked, and the lowest rank people are not considered human. For more information, please see the article below.

Dystopia Beautiful Girl Defense 2D Shooting Game 'Molten Malfusha' Play Review, Taxes Being Imposed More and More, Machine Soldiers Attacking One After Another, Unreasonable and Hopeless Situation - GIGAZINE

◆34: Beside ' Super Bullet Break ' ' Reversible Jacket ' (1 person)
This is a roguelike strategy game where you collect 'characters' instead of 'cards' to build a deck. I received this as a gift from Beside. The system involves repeating battles, marching, and collecting items to progress through missions, and the characters have cute designs and voices, making it a casual game.

The 'Reversible Jacket' is a bonus item that comes with purchases at the online market

G CHOICE ONLINE STORE , and allows you to change the packaging design of Super Bullet Break. For more information, including actual gameplay footage, please see the article below.

A review of the Nintendo Switch version of the domestic roguelike deck builder 'Super Bullet Break' that allows you to use the moe characters of social games with a broken deck, every card has illustrations and voices, making it luxurious and rich - GIGAZINE

◆35: Domina Games ' Midrash ' & card sleeve set (1 person)
This is a card game in which players compete against each other using character cards, spellbook cards, mana, etc.

Although it is a battle format, you do not fight with direct combat power, so it is an attractive system that allows you to take your time to work on your own strategy. For more details, please see the following article.

A play review of 'Midrash', a fixed deck card game in which 1 to 4 players compete to acquire 'wisdom', where strategy and luck elements are well balanced and can be enjoyed even by beginners - GIGAZINE

The sleeves are hard sleeves sold by Domina Games. The gold ones are ' Card Sleeves Ghost (Embossed & Clear Hard Sleeves) ' with embossing on one side, and the purple ones are ' Card Sleeves Ghost (Clear Hard Sleeves) ' without embossing. Both are 66mm wide x 92mm long x 0.1mm thick, and each pack contains 80 sleeves. This time, we will be giving away 3 packs of each of the two types in a set with 'Midrash'.

◆36: Arclight '

Monster Eater ~Dungeon Food Board Game~ ' (1 person)
This is a unique card game in which you roll the dice to defeat enemies and then 'cook' them. Arclight provided this as a gift. Cards such as 'Exorcism Sorbet' and 'Boiled Mimic', familiar from the original fantasy gourmet manga ' Dungeon Food ', appear in the game.

For more details, please see

the photo review andthe gameplay review below.

'Monster Eater - Dungeon Meal Board Game' play review where you cook the monsters you encounter while exploring the labyrinth to energize yourself for tomorrow - GIGAZINE

◆37: GP ' Kingdom Board War ' (5 people)
This is a board game based on the anime series 'Kingdom.' GP provided it to me as a gift. It is a two-player game in which players become generals who command cards and pieces, and fight to unify the country. Details such as the rules will be introduced in a review article to be published later.

◆38: Engames ' Canvas ' ' Canvas: Reflection ' (1 person)
The beautifully designed board game ' Canvas ' (left) and its expansion ' Canvas: Reflection ' (right) were provided as gifts by Engames.

By stacking a card on top of another card, players can complete a 'piece' and earn points, and the player with the highest score when all players have completed three pieces wins. For more information about the original 'Canvas', see the following article.

A review of the game 'Canvas' where you can create a more beautiful painting than anyone else by overlapping transparent cards on a canvas - GIGAZINE

◆39: Mattel ' Uno Party ' (2 people)
This is 'Uno' with four special rules added: 'Speed Play', which lets you interrupt and discard cards; 'Wild Mini Mountain Offensive and Defense', which creates a mini mountain in addition to the original discard pile; 'Point', which declares a countdown and points to force a card to be drawn; and 'Wild Link', which links two players together. Mattel provided this as a gift.

◆40: Mattel '

Uno Flex ' (2 winners)
This is a game of Uno where you fight using 'flex cards' with two colors or symbols on them. Mattel provided this as a gift. You can use a variety of tactics, such as using cards with two colors to flexibly respond to cards on the field, or using cards with both reverse and skip to confuse the field.

◆41: Mattel '

Minecraft Legends Action Battle Figure Set of 2 ' (3 winners)
These figures are based on characters from Minecraft. They were provided by Mattel for giveaways. Two people will receive 'Creeper vs. Piglin Bruiser,' and one person will receive 'Skeleton vs. Pigma Gill.'

◆42: Enhance '

HUMANITY Figure' (1 person)
This is a 3D printed figure of 'GOLDY', a golden human from the puzzle action game ' HUMANITY ' where you become a Shiba Inu and guide humans, and the Shiba Inu that guides people. Enhance provided these figures as gifts.

GOLDY can be placed on a stand and made to stand up.

◆43: Mister Donut '

Sumikko Gurashi Mug & Paper Bag ' (1 person)
This is a paper bag and glass that I got when I reviewed Mister Donut's ' Sumikko Gurashi Mini Donuts ,' which are on sale in limited quantities and for a limited time from July 5th to early September 2023.

On the left are 'Pork cutlet, lizard, and fried shrimp tail', and on the right are 'Polar bear, penguin?, and cat'. The size is about 6cm in maximum diameter x about 7.5cm in height, and the weight is about 110g. The material is

soda glass .

◆44: Yamazen '

YDS-A13 ' (1 person)
This is an assembled fan consisting of three parts: a fan, a battery, and a tripod. It was provided by Yamazen as a gift. The air volume can be adjusted in three stages. It also has an LED light that can be adjusted in two stages.

The battery part has a handle, so it can also be hung from above.

The battery part can also be used as a mobile battery. It has a capacity of 8000mAh and an output of DC5V/2A.

◆45: Anker '

Anker 535 Car Charger ' (1 person)
This car charger is equipped with a USB Type-C port with a maximum output of 67W and a USB Type-A port with a maximum output of 22.5W.

You can charge three devices at the same time, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablet devices.

The following article provides a more in-depth review.

Review of Anker's compact car charger 'Anker 535 Car Charger' that supports USB Type-C and can charge three devices at once - GIGAZINE

◆46: Ladonna ' Toffy 3WAY Aroma Handy Fan Pale Aqua ' (1 person)
This handy fan can be used in three ways: as a handheld fan, a neck fan, or as a stand. It was provided to me as a gift by LaDonna.

The fan angle can be rotated 180 degrees up and down. It lights up.

◆47: Katani Industry '

Metallic Deco Pen ' (5 winners)
This pen is designed to be used like a soldering iron, and when you draw an illustration, it creates a foil stamp. It was provided to me as a gift by Katani Sangyo.

For more details, please see the article below.

I tried using the revolutionary 'Metallic Decopen' that turns illustrations into foil stamping as they are - GIGAZINE

◆48: Sunstar Stationery ' Metasil ' (6 winners)
This pencil has a special core that contains graphite and metal. It was provided as a gift by Sunstar Stationery. Its unique feature is that you can write for a long time without sharpening it, and you can erase what you write with an eraser.

For more details, please see the article below.

I tried using 'metacil', a pencil made of a special core that can be written for 16km without sharpening - GIGAZINE

◆49: Human Natures ' beak Owl Gray ' (1 person)
This is a grip stand that can be attached to the back of your smartphone.

By putting your finger through it, you can hold your smartphone stably.

When not in use, it can be folded flat.

◆50: King Jim '

Handy Pouch Khaki S Size ' (1 person)
This is a freestanding drawstring pouch measuring 130mm wide x 70mm deep x 220mm high. It was provided to me as a gift by King Jim.

◆51: KING JIM '

Flat Tote M size (A4 size) ' (1 person)
This tote bag folds flat. It was provided by King Jim as a gift.

When unfolded, it looks like this. You can put A4 size files and documents inside.

◆52: Ricoh 'Eco Bag' (5 winners)
This is a non-retail non-woven eco bag with the logo of Ricoh's 360-degree camera brand '

THETA ' , which has been reviewed several times on GIGAZINE. Ricoh provided it as a gift.

◆53: Onihei Hankacho 'Handbag' (1 person)
This is a non-sale handbag that was distributed to attendees

of the press conference announcing the regular cast of the period drama ' Onihei Hankacho, ' a new series of which will begin in 2024.

◆54: Hoyu '

Promaster Color Care Carmy Shampoo/Hair Treatment ' (1 person)
This set of three shampoos and treatments was released with the catchphrase 'Suppress frizz and discover a new you.' It was provided to me as a gift by Hoyu. It is a hair care item that suppresses frizz and frizz.

◆55: Nissin Foods '

Complete Meal Trial 7-item Set ' (1 person)
Nissin Foods' ' Kanzen Meshi ' is a product that aims to achieve a perfect balance between 33 types of nutrients and deliciousness. We will be giving away a set of 3 of each of the 7 types of ' Curry Meshi European Style Curry ,' ' Curry Meshi Keema Curry ,' ' UFO Soupless Dandan Noodles ,' 'Green Smoothie ,' ' Banana Smoothie,' 'Berry Smoothie ,' and ' Caramel Latte ' to one lucky winner. These were provided by Nissin Foods Holdings.

'Curry Meshi European Curry', 'Green Smoothie' and 'Banana Smoothie' have also been reviewed by GIGAZINE.

Nissin Foods' 'Kanzen Meshi' allows you to easily achieve a perfectly balanced diet with no compromise on taste, including pork umami explosion ramen and authentic European-style curry - GIGAZINE

◆56: Coca-Cola ' Costa Coffee Original Canister Can ' (1 person)
This canister has the Costa Coffee logo printed on it. It was provided as a gift by Coca-Cola Japan.

You can store coffee beans etc. Two cans will be given to one lucky winner.

◆57: 1/12 size postal box size 13 figure (1 winner)
This is an official post office figure that reproduces a mailbox in 1/12 scale. It is a coveted item for fans, and was almost sold out in the afternoon of the day of its release. It is quite useful as it can be used to store small items.

You can find out what it's like in the review below.

Review of the '1/12 Size Postal Mailbox No. 13 Figure' that reproduces the exact same postbox - GIGAZINE

◆58: NEO Living on the Moon Exhibition Ticket (5 people)
We will be giving away two free tickets to five people for the special exhibition ' NEO: Living on the Moon, ' currently being held at the Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) in Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo. The tickets were provided by the NEO: Living on the Moon Production Committee. The 'Moon Base Zone,' where visitors can learn about life on the moon, is set up inside and outside the base, and visitors can experience missions that simulate the gravity of the moon, as well as a meteorite recovery mission in which a lunar rover is remotely operated to retrieve meteorites from the moon's surface. The 'NEO: Living on the Moon' exhibition will be held for a limited time until Sunday, September 3, 2023 .

◆59: Bluesky invitation code (44 people)
This is an invitation code to join the SNS 'Bluesky', which is attracting attention as a possible replacement for Twitter. Please refer to the following article for how to use the invitation code and how to create an account. If you are planning to join or have already joined, please check out

the official GIGAZINE account !

'Bluesky' account creation procedure & how to actually use it Review, it's very similar to Twitter, so it's quite a good place to switch or move - GIGAZINE

◆60: Apple Gift Card worth 10,000 yen (1 person)
This is a 10,000 yen gift card that can be used for various Apple services such as the App Store, iTunes, and Apple Music.

◆61: Google Play Gift Card worth 10,000 yen (1 winner)
This is a 10,000 yen gift card that can be used to purchase apps, e-books, movies, and more available on Google Play.

◆62: Amazon Gift Card worth 10,000 yen (1 person)
This is a 10,000 yen gift card that can be used on Amazon.

Please note that the prizes were opened once at the time of photography, and some were touched with bare hands for the purpose of photography.

◆Announcement of the Winners
The lottery will begin on Monday, August 7, 2023 , and the winners will receive an email notification of their winnings as early as August 7. The email address to which the email will be sent will be the 'email address used when applying,' so simply enter an email address that can receive emails when applying. Once you receive the email informing you of your winnings, please follow the instructions in the email to contact us with your shipping address, etc.

In addition, the winning notification email will only be sent from the '' domain. There is a high probability that the email will be treated as spam, and there have been many unfortunate cases in the past where people have been late in noticing that they had won, so you should check your email regularly when the time comes!

In addition, if the winner does not reply by the deadline, the rights will be transferred to the runner-up candidate, so it may be a few weeks after the application deadline to receive the winning notification email, so it may be a good idea to check your inbox frequently.

◆Gift application form
The giveaway has now ended. Thank you to everyone who applied!

◆Summer greetings gift for GIGAZINE
Also, the editorial staff at GIGAZINE are exhausted from the heat, and in order to keep working hard and keep updating articles from now on, all the editorial staff are eagerly waiting for some kind of support! As a midsummer greeting, we would be grateful if you could send us something from the Amazon wish list below!

Amazon wish list

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