Trailer video release featuring Shanks, Mihawk, Aaron, Buggy, etc. in Netflix's live-action version 'ONE PIECE'

From August 31, 2023 (Thursday), the trailer video of Netflix's live-action version `` ONE PIECE '', which will be exclusively distributed worldwide, has been released. In a long video of over 3 minutes, in addition to the Straw Hat Pirates, Shanks with red hair who entrusted the straw to Luffy, 'Hawk Eyes' Jeracule Mihawk, Aaron, Buggy, and Coby also appear.

``ONE PIECE'' trailer-Netflix-YouTube

Pirate King Goal D. Roger who says 'Wealth, fame, power, everything in this world is there' at the execution site

'Be free, go out to sea and look for my treasure,' he says with a fearless smile.

Luffy is soliciting 'Why don't you join us?'

I made a pirate flag

It is the launch of the Straw Hat Pirates.

The Straw Hat Crew aims to increase the number of members and aim for the 'Grand Line'

Although there are various dangers, Luffy says, ``There is a great treasure (one piece) there.''

Buggy, the 'Devil's Fruit' ability that stands in your way

Uneven Sanji and Zoro

The Going Merry being chased by the navy

'Let's kill everyone together' Aaron

Luffy is also angry mode saying 'I will not forgive those who hurt my friends'

'Hawk Eyes' Mihawk Appears

Shanks protects Luffy and confronts the Sea Kings

Give the Straw Hat to Luffy

Luffy's adventure to become the 'Pirate King' begins.

A wall with posters for Alvida, Fox, and Bellamy

Coby is a little taken aback by Luffy who says 'It's terrible' and 'I don't have a face'.

The Netflix series 'ONE PIECE' will start distribution from Thursday, August 31, 2023. In the Japanese dubbed version , the same cast as the anime version will be in charge of the Straw Hat Pirates . Since it's a big deal, I wanted to see the notice in the dubbed version.

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