Twitter is preparing a function to post job information on the account profile screen for companies

On Twitter, you can get a verified badge (blue checkmark) by subscribing to

Twitter Blue . For corporate accounts, you can get a gold check mark by joining Blue for Business , but Twitter is preparing a job posting function for corporate accounts that have acquired such a certified badge.

Twitter is prepping a job listings feature for verified organizations | TechCrunch

Twitter has revealed that it is preparing a function that allows you to post job information on the profile screen of a corporate account that is a member of Blue for Business. Twitter has also created a new job-related account called Twitter Hiring ( @TwitterHiring ) in July 2023, but this account has not yet tweeted anything at the time of writing the article.

Twitter has not officially announced the job posting function, but it seems that corporate accounts that have acquired some authenticated badges are already able to post job information. Job information is posted on the profile screen of

Workweek , which is a corporate account, as follows.

App researcher Nima Ouji has released a screenshot of the ``job posting function'' and said, ``By connecting an ATS or XML feed supported by Twitter, all corporate accounts with an authenticated badge can import all job information into Twitter.' According to the screenshot attached to the tweet by Mr. Ouji, the job information posting function is called 'Twitter Hiring', and it seems that up to five job information can be posted.

Earon Musk, who acquired Twitter, suggested a job posting function as of May 2023, so ``this move is not surprising,'' said overseas media TechCrunch. In addition, TechCrunch points out that Twitter Hiring is a function for Twitter to compete with services such as LinkedIn and Indeed.

In May 2023, Twitter acquired Laskie, a startup that develops recruitment-related technology. This is the first acquisition since Musk acquired Twitter.

In addition, Adam Ryan, CEO of Workweek, who is now able to use Twitter Hiring, tweets that there is no need to pay an additional fee for posting job information.

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