Samsung developed the industry's first GDDR7DRAM, performance increased 1.4 times & power efficiency improved by 20%

Samsung has announced that it has completed the development of ' GDDR7 ' DRAM. GDDR7 is said to improve performance by 1.4 times and power efficiency by 20% compared to existing 24 Gbps GDDR6 DRAM.

Samsung Develops Industry's First GDDR7 DRAM To Unlock the Next Generation of Graphics Performance – Samsung Global Newsroom

According to Samsung, the development of GDDR7 will be completed on July 19, 2023. First of all, it will be introduced to the next-generation system of a major customer and will be verified in 2023.

Samsung has a track record of developing the industry's first 24Gbps GDDR6 DRAM.

Samsung announces GDDR6 DRAM that realized the industry's first 24 Gbps data transfer speed, 30% faster than the previous model - GIGAZINE

Samsung's GDDR7 features a data transfer rate of up to 32 Gbps per pin, achieving a figure of 1.5 TBps, which exceeds the bandwidth of GDDR6, 1.1 TBps. This figure is made possible by adopting PAM3, which can send 50% more data than Non Return to 0 (NRZ).

GDDR7 is 20% more power efficient than GDDR6 thanks to power-saving design technology optimized for high-speed operation. There is also an option for low voltage operation especially for power sensitive applications such as notebook PCs.

In addition, by optimizing the IC architecture and using an epoxy molding compound (EMC) with high thermal conductivity, the thermal resistance is 70% lower than GDDR6, enabling stable performance under high-speed operating conditions. It is said that it became like this.

Bae Yong-chul, executive vice president of Samsung's memory product planning team, said, 'Our GDDR7 DRAM will help improve the user experience in areas that require superior graphics, such as workstations, PCs, and game consoles. It is expected to expand into future applications such as high-performance computing (HPC), automotive, etc. Next-generation graphics DRAMs will be brought to market in line with industry demand, and Samsung will continue its leadership in this area. I plan to,' he said.

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