``Powder happy turn'' tasting review where the amount of happy powder has exploded

`` Powder Happy Turn '' with increased amounts of `` Happy Powder '' and `` Happy Oil '' used for Kameda Seika's Happy Turn appeared on Monday, July 17, 2023. I actually picked it up and tasted how much it increased.

Shocking Powder Horse Experience “Powder Happy Turn” is on sale for a limited time, with plenty of “that powder”! | Kameda Seika Co., Ltd.


The package of 'powder happy turn' looks like this.

Non-glutinous rice, vegetable oil, sugar, etc. are used as raw materials. The content is 71g.

The calorie is 357 kcal per bag. 21 kcal per piece.

On the other hand, the normal happy turn package looks like this.

Raw materials are also glutinous rice, vegetable oil, sugar, etc. The content is a little more 96g.

The calorie is 520kcal per 100g. Since it is 20 kcal per package, 'powder happy turn' is slightly higher in calories.

'Powder Happy Turn' has a chuck in the package instead of being individually wrapped.

I put 'powder happy turn' on the plate.

The powder is sprinkled so much that it clings to the tongue, and the sweet and salty taste spreads throughout the mouth and the taste lasts for a long time until the moment you swallow it.

For comparison, I arranged 'powder happy turn' (2 on the left) and normal happy turn (2 on the right).

'Powder Happy Turn' has a different way of applying powder. White powder is sprinkled quite a lot.

The usual Happy Turn has a sweet and salty taste, but the presence of the flour disappears relatively quickly, and by the time you swallow it, the rice cracker-like taste will come out. It was an impression.

The reference retail price of 'Powder Happy Turn' is around 220 yen without tax.

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