Firefox finally becomes a faster browser than Chrome

Treeherder is a website that has test results of software developed by Mozilla and ETL functions that extract and process data captured by web services and external tools. Data summarizing the benchmark test results of Google Chrome and Firefox has been released to this Treeherder. According to this, Firefox seems to have scored higher than Chrome, that is, it is a browser capable of high-speed browsing.


Firefox has surpassed Chrome on Speedometer | Hacker News

Speedometer is a benchmark tool for measuring browser response times. Data comparing the benchmark scores of Google Chrome and Firefox measured by this Speedometer has been published on Treeherder.

Below is a graph comparing the benchmark scores of Chrome (dark blue) and Firefox (light blue), where the vertical axis shows the score (the higher the score, the faster the response time), and the horizontal axis shows the timing of the test. The data has been around since June 2022, and initially Chrome was overwhelmingly scoring better, but around July 2023 Firefox finally surpassed Chrome with a score. understand.

Regarding this, on the social news site Hacker News, ``There was a time when Firefox felt much slower than Chromium (based browser), but in the last few years Firefox is slower, but I hardly care. I felt that it was becoming a difference of degree.The reason why I use Firefox even though it is slow is that it is a browser that can clearly provide excellent features and excellent performance even under heavy load.However, in this benchmark result The illusion that Chromium is better than Firefox has become a thing of the past.”

Also, a user who uses Firefox to use a specific extension said, 'Chrome is slow, so I switched from Chrome to Firefox a few years ago. Especially when I have many tabs open. Sometimes when I switch tabs, a blank screen appears for about 2 seconds.The reason I keep using Firefox was not because of the performance, but because of the extension Tree Style Tab.10 without this extension I couldn't imagine opening more than 100 tabs,' and a user who trusts Firefox's security said, 'I've been using Firefox because of its container and password saving features. Occasionally I use Chrome. When I have to, I'm exhausted with the password auto-fill being rejected.'

In addition, Speedometer is available for free from the following.

Speedometer 2.0

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