I ate subway's 'Kebab-style chicken & mayo' where spicy and spicy kebab-style sauce stimulates appetite

From the sandwich chain subway, `` Kebab-style chicken & mayo '' using kebab-style sauce finished with eight kinds of spices such as garlic and chili peppers has been available since July 19, 2023 (Wednesday). By using kebab-style sauce and

chipotle , you can enjoy a sense of spice, and it is said that sourness is added by mayonnaise-type dressing, so I actually tried it.

Gaburi 3 types of sandwiches that reproduce the world's ``delicious''! Leave the spicy sandwiches that survive the heat wave to Subway ~ ``Kebab-style chicken & mayo'' ``Chili con carne & chicken'' ``Mexican meat tacos'' July 19, 2023 Sales start from (Wednesday) ~
(PDF file) https://www.subway.co.jp/upload/press/HP20230704.pdf

Arrived at Subway.

I bought kebab style chicken & mayo at once.

When I open the wrapping paper, it looks like this. The width is about 15 cm, and the recommended type of bread is

white .

When you open the bread and look at the contents, chicken, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. are sandwiched.

Spicy kebab style sauce is very spicy and makes you feel the flavor of curry somewhat. You can feel the spicy spiciness and the sweetness and sourness of the mayonnaise at the same time, and the next bite will progress. It was a sandwich where you can enjoy various textures, such as fluffy bread, chicken with a response, and vegetables with a crispy texture.

Kebab-style chicken & mayo are sold on subways nationwide except for some stores for a limited time from July 19th (Wednesday) to September 12th (Tuesday), 2023, and the price is 550 yen including tax.

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