Earon Mask said, ``Learn tweets with AI and use them for Tesla.''


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Elon Musk, who owns Twitter and Tesla, said, ``We will use Twitter's public tweets to train an AI model,'' and a new artificial intelligence company founded by himself using data xAI and Tesla in software development. indicated a policy of cooperation.

Elon Musk Will Train His AI Project Using Your Tweets | PCMag

Elon Musk plans Tesla, Twitter collaborations with xAI


Elon Musk says his new xAI firm will use Twitter data, work with Tesla

Mr. Musk held a discussion on Twitter Space to answer questions about xAI, an AI company that was just established on July 14th. We use it for training, and like other organizations, we plan to use public tweets for training.' He warns that basically anything other organizations use Twitter data for training is “illegal,” using tweets to train their own xAI AI models, and xAI for software development. He said he plans to work with Tesla.

Musk has hired nearly a dozen engineers and researchers from Google, Microsoft and OpenAI to help run xAI, and plans to share more information about the 'first release' in the coming weeks. is shown. Musk declined to say what xAI will create, but he said that the goal of xAI is to ``develop AI that is useful to both consumers and businesses,'' and that his long-term vision is ``human-like. Developing AI that can solve a wide range of tasks,” Musk said. Musk also emphasized that future AIs will be “truth seekers.”

Mr. Mask also mentioned Tesla's supercomputer ' Dojo ' for AI machine learning and computer vision training. Tesla uses video clips and data from customer vehicles to improve existing software and develop new features. “The final AI language model that xAI is supposed to develop is not politically correct. I think we can get it out,' he said.

Tesla is also developing a humanoid robot, Optimus, for use in the manufacturing industry. In Twitter Space, Mr. Mask replied with humor about Optimus, ``This robot is still in its early stages and we are looking for a way for users to easily turn off the power.'' The latest information on Optimus will be shared at Tesla's financial results briefing on July 19, 2023.

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