I tried Burger King's limited-time menu 'Dabche Crown' where cheese flows like a waterfall from between meat and meat

From July 14, 2023 (Friday), Burger King will offer ' Dabche Crown ', which is called a new era full-fledged double cheeseburger, for a limited time. Using carefully hand-baked 'Cheese Crown Buns' with plenty of 4 kinds of cheese, it is a hearty wapper with 2 pieces of 100% beef patties grilled directly and 4 pieces of cheddar cheese. It was said that it was finished, so I actually ate it and checked its taste.

Being the same all the time is boring. New release of 'Dabche Crown' that announces the arrival of a new era in the double cheeseburger world from Burger King! Cheese crown buns using 4 kinds of cheese x direct fire grilled 100% double beef patty


Arrived at Burger King.

There was a curtain announcing the appearance of 'Dabche Crown' at the shop front.

That's why I bought 'Dabche Crown' (1340 yen including tax).

'Dabche Crown' is like this.

Compared the size of the buns side by side with the transportation IC card. The cheese crown buns are made by fermenting the bread dough before fermentation with refreshing sour Gouda cheese, mild Egmont cheese, and slightly sweet mozzarella cheese, and then layering cheddar cheese by hand and baking it again. About. Due to a lot of manual work, it seems that only one-third of normal buns can be produced.

From the side, I could see two 100% beef patties grilled over an open flame and cheddar cheese overflowing between them.

When opening the buns, onion slices, lettuce and pickles are sandwiched between two beef patties, and ketchup and mustard are applied.

A cross section cut in half looks like this. Melted cheese is about to flow out of the cut side.

When you eat it, the fragrance of Burger King's 100% direct-fired beef patty spreads, but you can also feel the cheese flavor from the buns and cheddar cheese. At the same time, the taste of ketchup and mustard, the texture of crispy onions and the acidity of pickles are accented. Overall, I can taste the cheese firmly, but I felt that it was certainly finished as a full-fledged double cheeseburger, combined with the flavor of toppings, sauces, and beef patties, rather than just being full of cheese.

Dabche Crown is available at Burger King stores nationwide for a limited time from July 14, 2023 (Friday). The price is 1340 yen including tax for a single item, and 1640 yen including tax for a set with French fries (M) and drink (M).

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