Refreshing yuzu pepper boosts the flavor of meat Famima's ``Famikara (yuzu pepper)'' tasting review

From July 11, 2023 (Tuesday), the limited-time flavor `` Famikara (yuzu pepper)'' has been added to FamilyMart's ``Famikara'' fried chicken, which pursues the ``correct answer of fried chicken'' . I was interested in a new work that uses yuzu (yuzu) pepper from Kyushu for crisp thin clothes and reproduces the refreshing scent and spicy spiciness of yuzu, so I actually bought it at Family Mart and ate it. Saw.

Achieved 80 million servings in one year from the release of 'Famikara'. 'Famikara (Yuzu Pepper)' is now available | FamilyMart | News Release

Arrived at Family Mart.

I found 'Famikara (Yuzu pepper)' for the top of the hot snack corner.

I bought it and came back.

'From Fami (Yuzu pepper)' can be specified in units of one, and this time I purchased three.

The diameter of one piece of fried chicken is about 6 cm.

Compared to the regular menu 'Famikara (salt)', you can see that 'Famikara (yuzu pepper)' has a darker color.

It looks like this when cut in half to see the cross section.

When you eat a bite of 'Famikara (Yuzukosho)', you can feel that the pleasant sourness of the crispy clothes and the scent of pepper complement the juicy gravy many times over. The aftertaste leaves a moderate spiciness on the tongue, but the pure stimulation itself is not so strong, so even editorial staff who are not good at spicy food could eat it without problems. It has a slightly strong taste, and it is a dish that seems to go well not only when you are hungry but also as a snack for dinner.

'Famikara (salt)', which I bought for comparison, has a simpler taste and a lighter taste than 'Famikara (yuzu pepper)', so you can enjoy the taste of chicken more straight.

'Famikara (Yuzu Kosho)' can be purchased at FamilyMart nationwide from Tuesday, July 11, 2023, and the price is 108 yen including tax.

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