Brother's foil printer 'HAK110' that allows you to change the foil for each sheet and print your favorite foil freely Report on usage and printing edition

Brother's foil printer HAK110 was

installed , and now that the foil cartridge can be installed and printed, let's actually try foil printing.

Brother's foil printer HAK for small-lot, high-mix foil printing | Brother

HAK110 | Foil Printer | Brother

HAK110 performs foil printing in response to the toner that adheres to the document when printed with a laser printer. For this reason, the design you want to print is output with a laser printer.

Then power on the HAK110. It takes less than 1 minute from turning on the power until the print preparation is completed.

Brother's foil printer 'HAK110' from power on to completion of printing - YouTube

Set the printed manuscript.

The flow from actually pressing 'start' to printing is like this.

Brother's foil printer 'HAK110' from printing start to completion - YouTube

Completed foil printing. The color of the foil is gold.

The outside of the original design was black, so it was dark gold, and the inside was light, so it was light gold.

There must be times when you want to put the original foil in the envelope. If you ask a vendor, they will make it all at once, but the strength of the foil printer is that you can print even from one piece.

So I made this envelope. Please note that laser printers may wrinkle envelopes other than those that are compatible with them.

It is also a good place to easily change the color by exchanging the cartridge. The replacement method is OK if you proceed with the cartridge installation procedure in reverse order. First, open the front cover.

Remove the foil cartridge. Just grab the handle and pull it out.

Unlock the foil holder.

Remove the foil holder frame from the holder. There is a white lock next to the slot, so you need to remove it while pushing it down with your finger.

Once removed, roll up the foil that is flexing. In addition, it is recommended to put the removed foil in a bag and store it in the original box because it may get dusty.

I tried printing to see if this kind of decorative paper would work.

This is what foil printing looks like.

I also tried it with black paper.

The foil used is red gold, and the pattern stands out against the black background.

The peeling of the foil at 'E' is the part where the toner was not attached due to dust entering during printing with the laser printer.

'Hundred' I tried to see if I could do something like this. At the time of printing, I made the text white and the background black, and printed on black paper.

Then, when the foil is printed, the character part of 'Hundred' without toner remains, and the surrounding toner part turns gold.

In addition, if foil printing is used as it is, the foil of the size of the paper will be wound up every time, and the amount used will increase. The HK110 has a 'foil save mode' for when the design is limited to a specific area. There are three types of 'foil save mode': 'foil printing only at the tip', 'foil printing only at the rear edge', and 'foil printing only in the center'.

'Foil save mode' can be selected from the menu, and there is a shortcut button on the front of the main unit that can be selected immediately.

This is where the heat after use was taken with an infrared thermography camera FLIR.

When the front cover is closed, the hottest part is about 33 degrees. It didn't feel hot to the touch.

When I opened the front cover, there was a part that was over 100 degrees. When replacing cartridges or cleaning, it is safer to take time to cool down once after use.

HAK110 is sold at Brother's direct sales online shop Brother Direct Club, and the price is 418,000 yen including tax.

HAK110 - Product Details | Brother Official Mail Order | Brother Direct Club

In addition, since there is a free rental service for demo machines, it may be a good idea to touch the demo machine once if you are interested.

HAK Demo Machine Rental Application - User Information/Questionnaire Registration

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