Make it possible to browse Twitter even if you are not logged in

From July 1, 2023, it was confirmed that Twitter, which had been temporarily unable to browse in an unlogged state, has lifted the restriction and can now view posts even in an unlogged state.

Twitter silently removes login requirement for viewing tweets | TechCrunch

Twitter isn't showing tweets unless you're logged in

For several days from July 1st, when clicking on the link of a specific tweet such as the one below, non-logged-in users could not view the post.

This is the effect of temporary measures taken by Twitter to 'address extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.' Twitter has made it impossible to browse when not logged in, and has set an upper limit on the number of views that can be viewed per day even when logged in.

However, it has been reported that on July 5, 2023, the ``restriction on viewing when not logged in'' has been quietly lifted. It was reported that even non-logged-in users can now view tweets, and previews of tweets that had been hidden due to restrictions such as Slack and WhatsApp are now displayed again.

However, it is still impossible to see the 'list of tweets' from the user's profile page. I am unable to view it without logging in.

Mr. Elon Musk analyzed the previous situation where tweets were unlimited even when not logged in, saying, ``Data was looted too much, and the service for general users was degraded.'' This viewing restriction is positioned as a 'temporary emergency measure'.

Twitter has also issued a statement, stating that the restrictions are ``scraping people's publicly available Twitter data to build AI models'' and ``manipulating people and conversations on the platform in various ways''. It is explained that it was done to prevent 'to do'.

Update on Twitter Rate Limits

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