How to recognize fake images learned from fictional airplane photos

There are many fake images on the Internet that look like real photos. In response to the question ``I found a picture of the Airbus A320, but I wonder if it is real or fake,'' posted on the aircraft-related question site ``Aviation Stack Exchange,'' the answer is ``Points for distinguishing'' that seems to be applicable to fake images in general. has been submitted.

airbus a320 - Is the aircraft in this image real? - Aviation Stack Exchange

The image in question is the photo below posted by Aditya Sharma . Mr. Sharma said that he found this photo in the news article 'Airline' IndiGo 'purchased Airbus A321 freighter'. The aircraft in the photo has an 'IndiGo' logo and an illustration indicating that it is a cargo plane, but Sharma said that the aircraft in the photo is 'Airbus A320neo' instead of 'Airbus A321' due to the shape of the engine. I decided. However, as far as Mr. Sharma knows, there is no example of using 'Airbus A320neo' as a cargo plane, so Mr. Sharma posted a question on Aviation Stack Exchange saying 'Please tell me if the picture is real or fake' is.

After Sharma posted a question, Aviation Stack Exchange user

DeltaLima discovered that the photo came from the following tweet and found out that the photo was a fake image.

Below are the photos included in the tweet.

If you expand the rear part of the aircraft, you can see that the registration code and serial number such as 'D-AVXA' and '8557' are written.

If you search by registration code or serial number,

information on 'Airbus A321' deployed in IndiGo will appear.

Further searching also found a picture of an 'Airbus A321' marked 'D-AVXA' and '8557'.

Focusing on the back of the photo of the discovered 'Airbus A321', you can see that a white sticker is affixed to the right side of the Indian flag.

Checking the same part of the photo in question, a white sticker is pasted to the right of the Indian flag, and an illustration of a truck is written on it. According to DeltaLima, the white sticker will be pasted in the middle of the painting process. The sticker should be removed after painting is complete, but in the photo in question the sticker is not removed and it looks like the paint is applied over the sticker. Normally, it is impossible to paint over the sticker, so it is highly possible that the photo in question is a collage image created by extracting most of the parts including the serial number area from the photo of 'Airbus A321'. It happened.

In addition, the Twitter account `` Aeroconcepts '' that posted the photo wrote in the profile column that `` possesses the skill to digitize delusions about aircraft '', and widely appealed that the photo he posted is a fake image. . For this reason, Aeroconcepts does not seem to have intentionally deceived people who saw the photo, but it seems that the photo has been adopted as the top image of the news article for some reason.

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