Mr. Donut's 'Sumikko Gurashi Mini Donut' tasting review inspired by 'Sumiko Gurashi'

`` Sumikko Gurashi '', which is characterized by unique characters, has collaborated with Mr. Donut, and the donut `` Sumikko Gurashi Mini Donut '' with the image of the character will be on sale from July 5, 2023. I was wondering what a lightly pinched bite size mini donut looks like, so I actually bought it.

Mister Donut x Sumikkogurashi's first collaboration! 'Sumiko Gurashi Mini Donut' 'Sumiko Gurashi Kids Set' Limited quantity and limited time release from July 5-230703_01.pdf
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Sumikko Gurashi Mini Donut | Mister Donut

I bought donuts for takeout.

This is the donut. The blue set on the left is 'Sorairo' and the pink set on the right is 'Momoiro'.

Two corners of the tray can be attached.

On the back side, the appearance of the characters gathering in the corner will be completed.

The 'Sorairo' set includes three items: 'green apple flavored sugar' (left), 'honey' (right), and 'white chocolate' (bottom).

First of all, tasting from 'green apple flavored sugar'. It has a deep taste that brings out both the aroma and taste of green apple jam, and the crunchy sugar makes the texture even better. The fabric feels like bread rather than donuts, and is soft and fluffy.

Next, I will eat 'Honey'. The impression immediately after eating a donut coated with a glaze with a rough texture covering almost the upper half is that the taste of 'sugar' is stronger than 'honey', and the honey element seeps out of the dough. It feels like it's coming. Sweetness is suppressed than green apple flavored sugar.

Next, try the 'white chocolate'. It was a sweet donut that melted white chocolate with a slightly rough texture, and the sweetness of sugar was still felt stronger, and it was a taste that made me want a drink with less sweetness after eating.

Next we will eat 'Momoiro'. The set contents of 'Momoiro' are 'Cider flavored sugar' on the left, 'Honey & Golden' on the right, and 'Kinako sugar' on the bottom.

When you eat 'cider-flavored sugar', the sweet candy-like sugar crumbles with a crunchy sound and melts in your mouth along with the fluffy dough. The unique taste of sugar is a taste that children are likely to receive.

Next time I will eat 'Honey & Golden'. Honey-flavored glaze has a crunchy texture. The sweetness is so calm that it gradually seeps out later, and it is clearly less sweet than 'cider-flavored sugar'. It is a taste that you want to match with coffee.

The last is 'Kinako Sugar', which is just a 'Kinako' flavor. The taste and scent were all Kinako donuts, and it was a finish that can be said to be a choice for those who love Kinako.

The price of 'Sumikko Gurashi Mini Donut' is 237 yen including tax for take-out for both 'Sorairo' and 'Momoiro', and 242 yen including tax for eat-in.

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