Suntory's eating fruit tea `` GOROCHA '' tasting review with plenty of fruit and eating response

`` GOROCHA White Peach '' and `` GOROCHA Pine '' with `` Eating fruit tea '' from Suntory will be on sale from Tuesday, June 27, 2023. Fruit tea with pulp is an image of going to a cafe and drinking, but GOROCHA is completed just by pouring the contents of the pouch into a glass with ice, so I actually made it and drank it.

GOROCHA (eating fruit tea) | Suntory

This is 'GOROCHA white peach' and 'GOROCHA pine'.

'GOROCHA white peach' is 94kcal per 200g bag. Raw materials include white peach, sugar, and black tea.

'GOROCHA Pine' is 88kcal per 200g bag. Raw materials include pineapple, sugar, and black tea.

Pour GOROCHA into a glass with ice.

After pouring, mix ice, black tea and pulp.

This completes.

Some fruit teas have a strong fruit flavor that emphasizes 'likeness', but GOROCHA is sometimes filled with large fruits, and it even feels like diluted fruit juice mixed with black tea. Overall, the taste of tea is modest, and the fruit is pushed to the front. Both drinking and eating are enough.

GOROCHA is sold in limited quantities at some 7-Eleven stores in Tokyo and three prefectures, some supermarkets, and sells 4 assorted white peaches and 2 pineapples for 1188 yen including tax. [Fruit Tea] Suntory GOROCHA White Peach / Pine Assorted Fruit Tea 200g Pouch x 4: Food, Beverages, Alcohol

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