Report that Steam bans 'games containing AI-generated content'

Valve , which runs the PC gaming platform Steam , is reportedly blocking games made using AI-generated assets.

Steam Might Be Banning Games Made With AI Art

Simon Curless, founder of GameDiscoverCo , a research company specializing in the gaming industry, shared a thread on Twitter that is trending on Reddit, ``Games containing AI-generated content are banned on Steam.'' bottom.

The Reddit thread on the subject is below. When the reporter attempted to release a game containing AI-generated content on Steam, Steam said, 'We believe that the intellectual property of the game belongs to one or more third parties. In particular, this The game contains AI-generated art assets that appear to rely on copyrighted material owned by third parties.This kind of AI-generated content is not legally proprietary. For the sake of clarity, do not release your game with these AI assets unless you can affirmatively own the rights to all IP used in the datasets that trained your AI. You can't do that.' message was sent.

Valve is not willing to publish games with AI generated content anymore : aigamedev

Another Reddit user also reported being denied the release of a game containing AI-generated content for similar reasons. The reporter said, ``I've seen multiple reports that the advent of excellent AI tools has made them feel that their work is not worth it, but the reverse pattern is that the use of AI makes their work unrecognizable. I experienced.'

I'm depressed because I CAN'T USE AI ANYMORE due to legal stuff! [Vent] : DefendingAIArt

Steamworks , Steam's distribution program, has the notation 'Applications built on blockchain technology that enable the issuance or exchange of cryptocurrencies and NFTs' in 'Items that cannot be published on Steam'. On the other hand, AI-generated content is not explicitly prohibited.

Since the widespread availability of image-generating AIs such as Dall-E 2 and Midjourney in 2022, it has been extremely difficult to verify the copyright of AI-generated images. Things like image generation AI require large datasets to work properly. There are various debates as to whether the copyright of content created by AI is recognized, and although the United States Copyright Office initially claimed that ``the works of art created by AI have no copyright,'' it was generated by AI. We announced new guidance that copyright is recognized if content is 'modified to meet the standards of copyright protection' by human hands.

Is copyright recognized for pictures and texts generated by AI? US Copyright Office announces guidance - GIGAZINE

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