Google deletes news content in Canada, with the establishment of the ``Online News Law'' obligated to pay for link display

Canada's parliament has passed the `` Online News Act '' C-18 bill, which requires companies that share and reuse news content to pay fees to news organizations. In response to this decision, Google, the paying party, has announced that it will terminate the contract with the Canadian news agency and will not display Canadian news content.

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Google to remove news links in Canada in response to online news law | CBC News

Bill C-18: Google to remove news links in Canada over online news law | CTV News continues-1.6461557

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), 450 news outlets have disappeared in Canada since 2008 and a third of journalism jobs have been lost due to the blow to major sources of revenue such as advertising and subscription fees. About.

On the other hand, Google and Meta are making big profits as advertising has moved from news outlets to digital platforms. Google and Meta account for 80% of online advertising revenue in Canada, earning $ 9.7 billion (about 1.602 trillion yen) annually.

The C-18 bill is intended to “level the playing field (with the press) by curbing the power of Big Tech,” according to Cultural Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez. It requires major platforms that provide access to news content to either pay a fee or pass legal restrictions to post content.

In response to the bill passing Congress, Kent Walker, president of Google & Alphabet Global Affairs, said, 'The C-18 bill has passed Congress and becomes law, but it is still unworkable.' Once effective, we have notified the government of our decision to remove links to Canadian news from Search, News, and Discover and cease operation of Google News Showcase .'

Walker has signed over 150 news publishers across Canada as part of the Google News Showcase program to link more than 3.6 billion times for free in 2022 alone, with each publisher earning money from ads and new subscriptions. claimed to have helped Referral traffic from Google is estimated to be equivalent to 250 million Canadian dollars (about 273.2 billion yen) annually.

In addition, Meta, which will be required to pay as well as Google, has decided to stop news distribution in Canada, as claimed in advance .

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Michael Geist, an internet and e-commerce expert at the University of Ottawa, said one of the opponents of the C-18 bill said, 'Canada has abandoned the principles of an open internet and failed to take policy risks seriously. It is a global example of a disastrous policy that has paid a severe price for everyone,' he tweeted.

To Minister Rodriguez, who said that Google's response was 'surprise', 'This says it all. It means that we did not pay any attention to the concerns at the time.'

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