``The Great When?

London , the capital of the United Kingdom, has long had a strong influence in fields such as art, commerce, entertainment and fashion, and is sometimes called 'the most innovative city in the world'. In such London, movie shooting has been actively done since the 19th century, and archived images of many London shots have been uploaded on YouTube. ' The Great When? A London-through-time quiz ' is a quiz that looks at randomly displayed archive images of London and guesses what year it is.

The Great When? A London-through-time quiz

When you access 'The Great When? A London-through-time quiz', the following screen will be displayed. Click 'PLAY' to start the quiz.

The movie of the first question looks like this. Enter the expected answer in the answer field at the bottom and click 'Guess!'. This time around 1925 is expected because most of the men wear hats and small cars are popular.

This time the answer was 1920. It is shown to be 5 years away from the expected 1925. By clicking 'Next Round' you can move on to the next problem, and you can also check the YouTube movie of the movie that was asked by clicking 'Watch the full video'.

The problem this time was the question from the following movie.

A Day in Old London in 1920 in colour! [AI enhanced HD]-YouTube

The second question is like this. It seems that a parade is being held in the city of London.

Estimated to be 1950 based on people's clothing and the state of reconstruction from World War II. The result was 1957 with a seven-year error.

Below is the second movie.

Soho Carnival-1957 (1957)-YouTube

The third question is a video showing the city of London, which is relatively newer than the previous two questions.

I predicted 1965 from the atmosphere and clothes of the video, but the correct answer was 1967 with a 2-year error.

Movie of the third question.

Swinging London (1967)-YouTube

The fourth question is a video of a car running in London. Since there are relatively few hints, it is expected to be 1960 based on the atmosphere of the video.

However, the correct answer was 1973 and an error of 13 years was born. It seems that some knowledge of cars is necessary to answer the quiz correctly.

The fourth question is below.

West End Of London (1973)-YouTube

Question 5 seems to be a relatively recently shot video. However, I expected 2005 because people coming and going do not have smartphones and the image quality.

The result succeeded in keeping the difference between 2004 and 1 year. After completing 5 questions, click 'Get Final score' to display the results.

Below is the fifth movie.

Shoppers in Oxford St. London 2004-YouTube

The error this time is 5.6 years on average, and the clock tower ' Big Ben ' of the Palace of Westminster evaluated it by ringing the bell seven times.

You can share the result on SNS by clicking 'Share on Facebook' or 'Share on Twitter'. You can also try the quiz again by clicking 'PLAY AGAIN'.

'The Great When? A London-through-time quiz' changes randomly every time you try it, so please try it.

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