Google plans to rebrand high-end Chromebooks as 'Chromebook X'

Google-related media 9to5Google reports that Google is developing a ``higher quality high-end model'' that is different from the conventional Chromebook. According to reports, the high-end Chromebook will be called ' Chromebook X '.

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Over the past five years, Chromebooks have evolved to do even more. With Android app support, Chromebooks now have access to powerful professional apps like video editing app LumaFusion and audio editing app Audacity . It is also possible to use developer tools such as Android Studio and play games using Steam.

In June 2023, Minecraft will finally support Chromebooks.

It is announced that Minecraft is officially compatible with Chromebook - GIGAZINE

These applications require better hardware to run smoothly. For example, if you want to use Steam on a Chromebook, you'll need specs above the latest mid-range model.

On Google's official website, Chromebooks are categorized into three levels: unmarked, plus, and premium.

Google explains the classification of Plus and Premium as follows.

The Plus Chromebook offers fast performance, smooth video calling, and massive storage. Premium Chromebooks offer high performance for smooth multitasking and fast processing.

However, 9to5Google pointed out that this classification notation was ``not easy for users to understand''. In fact, Google has abolished the notation of Plus and Premium from May 31, 2023 on the English version of the official website.

As a replacement for the notation of Plus and Premium, it is clear that Google has prepared a new brand 'Chromebook X'. According to 9to5Google, Google seems to have prepared 'Chromebook X' as a new brand for 'above average spec devices' prepared by Chromebook manufacturers over the past few months.

However, there are ``no signs yet'' that Google will manufacture its own ``Chromebook X'' device, which is ``very disappointing considering it's been so long since

the Pixelbook was released.'' 9to5Google reports.

It is said that the name of the brand 'Chromebook X' may change before the official announcement, but the usual 'Chromebook' logo and the 'X' logo are engraved somewhere on the terminal housing. 9to5Google points out the possibility that it will be. In addition, it seems that the 'Chromebook X' model will display a special startup screen that is different from existing ChromeOS devices.

Chromebook X has minimum system requirements, requiring a certain amount of memory (RAM), a high-quality camera for video calls, and a high-end display. In addition, the following seems to be the minimum system requirements for the processor.

・AMD Zen 2+ ( Skyrim )
・AMD Zen 3+ ( Guybrush )
・12th Generation Intel Core ( Brya & Nissa )

According to 9to5Google, 'Nissa' is the name that represents Intel's N-series chips, which are processors typically found in models under $400, not high-end or high-end models. that's right. In other words, Google plans to rebrand Chromebook X as a ``relatively high-quality device that is easy to pick up'' for about $ 350 to 500 (about 50,000 to 70,000 yen) that many users want. It is possible.

Additionally, Google seems to be preparing its own set of features to differentiate the Chromebook X from regular Chromebooks. For example, Chromebook X is asking the manufacturer to install a high-spec camera for video calls, and using this, live captions (a function to add captions to video calls in real time), portrait blur function, voice It seems to provide separation function etc.

In addition, it seems that we are preparing a wallpaper and screensaver called 'Time Of Day' that changes its appearance throughout the day.

In addition, three unique features of Chromebook X are planned: `` support for up to 16 virtual desks '' , `` offline Google Drive file function '', and `` revamped demo mode for retail ' '.

According to an anonymous person who provided information to 9to5Google, Google plans to launch Chromebook X branded devices by the end of 2023.

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