What is the content of the will written by Yuri Gagarin, who succeeded in manned space flight for the first time in mankind, just before going to space?

Yuri Gagarin , who boarded the Soviet spacecraft Vostok 1 in 1961 and made the first manned space flight of mankind, is known for leaving quotes such as 'The earth was blue.' The contents of the will that Gagarin wrote to his family two days before manned space flight are made public.

I hope you will never see this letter - Letters of Note

Gagarin flew from

the Baikonur Cosmodrome on April 12, 1961 to space for the purpose of manned space flight with Vostok 1, but I thought that the technical capabilities at that time were low compared to modern times, and the prospects for survival were low. It was done.

Two days before his departure, Gagarin wrote a will to his family in case he did not return alive. Here is what it says:

Gagarin's suicide note, which begins with 'To my beloved

Valentina , Lenochka and Garochka,' continues as follows.

'I decided to write to you to share the joy and happiness that befell me today. Today the Soviet Union Government Committee decided to send me into space as the first cosmonaut. Dear Valentina, I am very happy and I want to share this joy with you.I was born into a working class and had a normal life. I was happy,' he said to his family, expressing his joy at being appointed an astronaut.


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However, Gagarin said, 'I have full confidence in the technology of the Soviet Union. It will not fail. But just like suddenly falling for no reason and breaking your neck, even this launch Something could happen.I can't think of such a thing, but if an accident happens and I don't survive, please don't be sad.This is also life.' I admit that I have sex.

He also addressed his wife, Valentina, saying, 'Please do not forget to take care of my daughters, and give them love like I do. Raise them to be strong people who are not afraid of life's trials. Make them a new communist.' Please raise him into a person who deserves to live in society.'

On the other hand, ``This letter is a little too dark,'' he said sarcastically, ``I don't expect bad results.I hope you finish this letter without reading it. , at worst, know the truth.'

In addition, 'When I was a child, I was impressed by Valery Chkalov 's words,' If someone does it someday, be the first person. I would like to dedicate my flight to the people of the new communist society, to our great motherland and to our science.'

Finally, he said, ``I hope we can return safely and be together again in a few days,'' and to Valentina, ``Please don't forget my parents, and sometimes help them. Tell me, and tell me you were sorry for not talking about being an astronaut.

After that, Vostok 1, on which Gagarin boarded, was successfully launched, orbited outside the atmosphere for 108 minutes, and returned to Earth.

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