What is the identity of the world's strongest YouTuber 'MrBeast' with 160 million subscribers?

MrBeast is a super popular YouTuber who has reached 160 million YouTube subscribers, the third largest in the world. MrBeast sometimes posts videos of charity-like content, such as providing free surgery to the visually impaired and providing free hearing aids to the deaf, which often causes pros and cons. The New York Times is closing in on the true identity of MrBeast, who has been vilified as a hypocrite and revered as a saint.

How Mr Beast Became the Willy Wonka of YouTube - The New York Times

Jeremiah Howard was diagnosed with a cataract in his right eye when he was five years old. Howard said he wanted to have cataract surgery by the end of his senior year of high school, but he didn't have the money to pay for it. I was there,” he said. Howard lived in a mobile home in Florida with his father and three sisters, so cataract surgery, which requires thousands of dollars (hundreds of thousands of yen) out of pocket, was out of reach. That's right.

Howard then sent emails to 'various organizations that might be able to help,' but did not receive any response. , Howard said he could not understand the esoteric explanation. After that, Mr. Howard decided to use ' GoFundMe ' to collect donations after receiving a friend's recommendation. However, the collected donation was less than $ 50 (about 7000 yen).

After a while, Mr. Howard receives a message from a stranger on Snapchat saying, 'I saw Mr. Howard's GoFundMe project.' The sender of this message said that there was a way to pay for Mr. Howard's cataract surgery. Mr. Howard, who believed this message, agreed to meet with the sender and promise to pay for the surgery.

A few weeks later, in Jacksonville, Florida, Howard met with ophthalmologist Jimmy Donaldson, the message's boss, a 25-year-old North Carolina man, and super-popular YouTuber MrBeast. increase. Mr. Howard was recruited as a participant in MrBeast's ' 1,000 Blind People See For The First Time ,' a video that collectively treated 1,000 blind people. That's why.

Mr. Howard is a white young man wearing a Naruto T-shirt that appears around 4 minutes and 5 seconds in the video below.

1,000 Blind People See For The First Time-YouTube

In the video, before the surgery, MrBeast asked Howard, 'How are you doing?' After that, the doctor explains that Mr. Howard was born with a cataract and can not see his right eye.

Subsequently, Mr. Howard after the operation appears from around 5 minutes and 6 seconds and reveals that the operation was successful, ``Everything looks clear.'' In addition, MrBeast is giving Mr. Howard, who will soon graduate from high school, $ 50,000 (about 7 million yen) as a cost for going to college, and Mr. Howard and his family are shown to express their gratitude with tears. I was.

This video was posted at the end of January 2023 and has already been played more than 140 million times at the time of writing. On MrBeast's YouTube channel, the video '

$456,000 Squid Game In Real Life! ' released in November 2021 has been played more than 430 million times at the time of writing the article. In addition to being a mega-hit, there are many videos with over 200 million views, so 140 million is not a big hit.

However, as soon as '1,000 Blind People See For The First Time' was posted, it received a lot of criticism on social media.

Alex Kravelling, a public defender who goes by the name LolOverruled on YouTube and TikTok, described MrBeast's video as ``this is something demonic, and you have to clearly explain what it is.'' I can't even do that,' he tweeted. However, Mr. Kraveling's tweet has received many voices from MrBeast's defenders.

It seems that such a 'MrBeast advocate' VS 'Those who want to criticize MrBeast's hypocrisy' were unfolding on Twitter for several days, and The New York Times said, 'Twitter can easily resolve the discussion. It's not a known venue, but the video was unusually divisive nonetheless.' In addition, to briefly summarize the opinions of 'people who want to criticize MrBeast's hypocrisy', 'MrBeast paid for the surgery just to get attention, so the whole project is cynical and exploitative. was,” explains The New York Times.

“1,000 Blind People See For The First Time” has been featured not only on social media such as Twitter, but also on major media such as CNN , BBC , TODAY and People . In addition, it seems that some local media in the United States interviewed people who appeared in the video. The New York Times points out that it was unusual for a video with such altruistic content to be featured extensively by the media.

However, MrBeast is not only '1,000 Blind People See For The First Time', but also ' Giving A Random Homeless Man $10,000 ' and ' Last To Leave $800,000 Island Keeps', which presents $ 10,000 to any homeless person. It (I gave a deserted island to the last person who survived on an 80 million yen deserted island!)”, and has gained popularity by posting many videos that give free gifts to participants. ``The phenomenal popularity of these videos has made MrBeast a superstar on YouTube and a saint among his followers,'' said The New York Times. However, it is often criticized that 'these altruistic videos are made not from the generosity of MrBeast's heart, but from the calculating part.'

In response to these critical opinions, Mr. Howard said, ``MrBeast is not just doing it for profit.He is doing charity for the next person he is trying to help'' ``Activity It's really amazing when you take the content seriously.'

On the other hand, The New York Times said, ``In the world of YouTube, the most 'diabolical' content is often the most successful. It's not about that, it's about him expressing his disgust.'

The New York Times wrote, 'It can be difficult to understand exactly what makes MrBeast so appealing. MrBeast has a good-natured demeanor and charming, goofy enthusiasm, but he's quick to hit television. He doesn't have the charisma to be able to, and he's not particularly funny, well-spoken, or physically impressive—the average face of all 25-year-old white North Carolinians. If you create , you will probably have a face like MrBeast, ”he pointed out that MrBeast is a very ordinary person. The New York Times says that such normal humanness is also connected to MrBeast's charisma on YouTube.

MrBeast has beaten almost all competition to build the most popular channel on YouTube. Only the Indian record label-run channel and children's channel Cocomelon have more subscribers than MrBeast, and they are certain to surpass those channels in 2023. Therefore, The New York Times wrote, 'MrBeast is already the largest YouTube channel owned by an individual who can be called' YouTuber '.'

MrBeast is known for his dedication to understanding how YouTube works. MrBeast told Bloomberg about his private life in his teens, 'I woke up in the morning, studied YouTube, studied videos, studied filmmaking and went to bed. That was my life.' In another interview , he said, 'I was so into YouTube that I didn't have many friends.'

After graduating from high school, MrBeast worked with a group of YouTube-obsessed people like himself on 'What are the most popular videos on YouTube?' and 'What makes a good thumbnail?' Looking back on the work at that time, he said, ``I got 1000 thumbnails of YouTube videos and checked if there was a correlation between the brightness of the thumbnails and the number of video views. We also investigated how often the camera angles were cut in videos with over 10 million views.”

MrBeast's high understanding of 'what's buzzing?' has been applied outside of YouTube, and he has successfully launched a hamburger shop called ' MrBeast Burger ' and a chocolate bar brand business called ' Feastables '. I'm here.

The New York Times points out that one of the features of MrBeast's videos is that ``numbers containing many zeros are used in the video title.''

$1 vs $1,000,000 Hotel Room!-YouTube

As the audience grew, MrBeast made more money from sponsorships, and put this money into regular videos, including 1,000 drive-thru trips and a $70,000 golden pizza. and bought a $500,000 (approximately 70 million yen) plane ticket , gradually increasing the scale of the video project.

According to MrBeast, one of the videos that made the biggest impression on him was ' Trying To Fly Using Only Leaf Blowers, ' in which he tried to float the human body using hundreds of leaf blowers. It's a video. These kinds of videos are so influential that they would later grow to become a huge category on YouTube called 'junklord' content.

MrBeast is still posting junklord content, and many of the videos he's posted in the past year are this junklord content.

Hydraulic Press Vs Lamborghini-YouTube

MrBeast has posted many videos of handing out money, but '1,000 Blind People See For The First Time' is very different from the previous videos in that it gives out money to 'non-MrBeast subscribers'. It's part. The New York Times believes that the video demonstrates the ideal cycle for a YouTuber to use funds for charity, consume this charity as content, and turn this content into the next source of funding. He describes it as 'something like the apotheosis of the MrBeast brand.'

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