I checked the battery and cooling performance of ASUS' portable gaming PC 'ROG Ally'

From PC manufacturer ASUS, Windows 11 Home 64bit adoption ・A portable gaming PC ' ROG' equipped with a 7-inch LCD and AMD

Ryzen Z1 series, which is a gaming SoC for AMD portable PCs, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage. Ally ' appeared on June 14, 2023. When using ROG Ally, which allows you to play PC games anytime, anywhere, I checked the battery charging time and holding time, as well as the temperature of the main unit.

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The appearance and weight of the ROG Ally main unit are confirmed in the following article.

ASUS portable gaming PC 'ROG Ally' photo review where you can play PC games anytime, anywhere with Windows 11 & AMD Ryzen Z1 - GIGAZINE

Also, in the article below, you can check how you actually play the game with ROG Ally.

What does it feel like to play a game with ASUS's portable gaming PC 'ROG Ally' where you can play Elden Ring, Apex Legends and Katamari without choosing a place? -GIGAZINE

After playing ROG Ally all the way through, I left it overnight without charging it, but the battery level was just running out, so I connected the included AC adapter to the USB Type-C terminal and tried charging it. rice field. Officially, it takes 1.6 hours to charge the battery, which means it will be charged to 100% in 1 hour and 36 minutes.

When the AC adapter is connected, the indicator next to the volume control button lights up to inform you that it is charging.

After just an hour of charging, the battery was 95% charged. I was able to charge it to a level where I could play without problems in just an hour.

Next, I decided to play the game continuously from the state where the battery was charged to 100%. The room temperature in the measured room was about 27 degrees, and the humidity was around 40 degrees.

I took a picture of the ROG Ally main unit just before playing the game with

FLIR , which can measure the temperature of objects with infrared rays. The surface where the display can be seen is 27.3 degrees.

The back side was 27.9 degrees. Both the front and back are about the same temperature as room temperature.

This time I tried playing

ELDEN RING . Elden Ring requires a lot of specs , so it's a difficult title to play unless you have a PC with a reasonably high performance or a home video game console.

I set ROG Ally's brightness and volume to maximum when playing.

Also, in the settings on the Elden ring side, the screen mode is 'full screen', the screen resolution is '1920 x 1080', the automatic drawing adjustment is 'ON', the quality of ray tracing is 'high', and the quality setting is 'high'. Setting.

After playing for about 30 minutes in this state, the remaining battery level was down to 66%.

When I measured the temperature with FLIR, the surface rose to 41.9 degrees. However, the temperature is high in the central display part, and the both ends of the main body held by hand are slightly over 30 degrees. ROG Ally is equipped with the cooling technology 'ROG Intelligent Cooling System' that ASUS has cultivated in gaming PCs, and it is possible to cool the main unit quietly at any angle. When I was actually playing, the fan was very quiet, so I didn't notice the exhaust noise.

The following movie shows the operating sound of ROG Ally's fans while actually playing Elden Ring. You can also see how the FLIR measures the temperature.

The sound of the fan that cools ASUS's portable gaming PC 'ROG Ally' looks something like this & I also measured the temperature with FLIR - YouTube

When I measure the back side with FLIR, it looks like this. The area shown in blue where the temperature is low in the center is the ventilation hole.

The ventilation hole for exhaust heat on the top surface exceeded 55 degrees.

When I put my hand in front of the ventilation hole, it didn't feel hot, and I felt that 'warm air is coming out'.

As I continued to play, the remaining battery level fell below 20% when I stood for about 1 hour and 10 minutes. At this point, a Windows 11 feature automatically turned on battery saving mode and dimmed the screen a bit.

Then, about 1 hour and 20 minutes after the start of play, the desktop screen suddenly appeared and a pop-up saying that the battery level was low appeared.

When I returned to the game screen and continued playing, the system sounded an error around 1 hour and 23 minutes and the console shut down.

The surface temperature at this time is about 39 degrees.

The back side is 40 degrees, almost the same as the front side.

The exhaust heat vent on the top is 57.3 degrees. Both temperatures remained almost unchanged for 30 minutes from the start of play.

This time, when I played Elden Ring, the battery died in about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Duration should be longer. When I verified the battery duration with Steam Deck , the temperature increased as the battery level decreased, the performance decreased and the screen sometimes stuttered. It didn't slow down the performance and cause the screen to stutter until the last minute the battery ran out.

Also, ROG Ally's cooling performance is high, and although I felt a slight warmth when holding the main unit, it never got hot enough to make it difficult to hold. Since you hold the main unit in your hand all the time when playing with a portable gaming PC, if the main unit temperature rises, there is a risk of sweating your hands or causing low-temperature burns. Even if the temperature is high, it can only go up to about 40 degrees, so you can play for a long time with peace of mind.

ROG Ally can order a model with Ryzen Z1 Extreme for 109,800 yen including tax. At the time of article creation, Amazon.co.jp is also accepting reservations.

Amazon.co.jp: ASUS ROG ALLY Eilai RC71L Gaming PC Portable 7 inch Ryzen Z1 Extreme Memory 16GB SSD512GB Refresh Rate 120Hz Card Reader Windows 11 Mass 608g White RC71L-Z1E512: Computers & Peripherals

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