Khan Academy, a free online learning service, starts testing 'Khanmigo', an AI chatbot for tutoring

Khan Academy, a free global learning service in 45 languages, has begun testing Khanmigo , an AI chatbot for tutoring to help students.

Khanmigo Education AI Guide | Khan Academy

Khan Academy's AI Tutor Bot Aims to Reshape Learning - The New York Times

'Khanmigo' is an AI chatbot that simulates one-on-one tutoring by humans. When you don't understand something while taking a lecture, instead of asking the teacher a question, you can enter what you want to know in the text box of Khanmigo, and Khanmigo will tell you what you don't understand in a guidance format. Kanmigo will celebrate when you understand.

Khan Academy will be able to give all students a deep understanding, certainty, clarity, and confidence through tutoring about the benefits of using Khanmigo. says it can.

Usage example on the student side. Suddenly, 'Can you just tell me the answer?' To a straightball student, Khanmigo said, 'It's important hat you learn how to do this yourself!' After admonishing, 'What do you think you need to do to multiply 2 by 5/12? (What do you think you need to do to solve 2 x 5/12?)'

When the student answered 'They need the same denominator.', Khanmigo replied, 'That's good thought, but in this case, you don't to find a common denominator because you're multilying, not adding or subtracting. What else could you try? I was.

It's like this on the teacher's side. Khanmigo replied, 'Let's start by discussing some details about your class. What grade level and subject do you teach? And what's the topic you want to create a lesson for?' What topic would you like to create a lesson for?', so I said, 'I teach sixth grade English Language Arts. I want a lesson to help students learn how to identify, summarize, or explain the main idea using supporting details in an expository text. I need classes.' I replied.

'That's a great topic! Have your students had any previous lessons on identifying the main idea or summarizing expository texts?' Since I asked the question again, the teacher answered 'No.' You can create a lesson plan through repeated interactions.

About 1,000 teachers, students and school district administrators are participating in the pilot program of 'Khanmigo' by Khan Academy. In addition, you can participate in the test by registering as a user, registering on the waiting list, and donating more than $ 20 (about 2800 yen) to Khan Academy every month.

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