Added ability to automatically remove link tracking parameters on iOS 17

A function that automatically removes tracking parameters such as '?click_id' attached to the end of website links when 'sharing by email' or 'when using Safari Private Browsing' is now available

on iOS . I found that it was added to 17 and macOS Sonoma .

iOS 17 automatically removes tracking parameters from links you click on - 9to5Mac

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Clicking on a website link may activate parameters used for advertising services and behavioral analysis in addition to the canonical URL. With this parameter, advertisers and website administrators can easily track `` from which page the user accessed '', but iOS 17 and macOS Sonoma announced by Apple in 2023 has added a function to automatically delete from the viewpoint of privacy protection.

The parameters are removed only when the user shares the link with others via email or message, or when using private browsing mode in Safari. Additionally, as a mitigation measure, Safari's Private Browsing Mode now enables Private Click Measurement (PCM) Ad Attribution, which will prevent advertisers from tracking you.

PCM is a tool for measuring the effectiveness of advertising in driving users to a website while collecting minimal data on the device. This means that while measuring a specific action (conversion) such as a user clicking an ad, it does not acquire information on who clicked it. Apple is introducing it as an alternative to existing tracking.

Apple reveals details of privacy enhancement 'Application Tracking Transparency' scheduled to be implemented in iOS 14.5 - GIGAZINE

On the social site Hacker News, Apple's measures to prevent existing tracking methods ``As a user, I agree, but in the end, Apple just aggregates all tracking authority to themselves.'' Opinion On the other hand, he said , 'Although PCM was proposed by Apple, it is a standard that is being standardized in cooperation with W3C , and we are also collaborating with other browser makers.' Some users expressed the view that it might be.

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