Solar power satellite succeeds in power transmission from space to earth, closer to realization of space solar power generation

A prototype of space solar power generation and wireless power transmission equipment launched into orbit was operated, and experiments of wireless power transmission in outer space and irradiating power to the earth were successful.

In a First, Caltech's Space Solar Power Demonstrator Wirelessly Transmits Power in Space |

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In January 2023, the mechanical unit `` SSPD '' created by the Caltech team was launched on a SpaceX rocket.

The SSPD had three important pieces of equipment on board. One is a mechanism ' DOLCE (Deployable on-Orbit UltraLight Composite Experiment)' for deploying a folded structure (solar panel, etc.) of about 1.8m square, and the other is is a unit ' ALBA ' to find the most suitable one for outer space from 32 types of solar cells, and the last one is ' MAPLE (Microwave Array for Power-transfer Low-orbit Experiment: Power transfer type microwave array for low-orbit experiments).

``SSPP'', a project to generate solar power in space and transmit wirelessly, will start operation from January 3, 2023-GIGAZINE

MAPLE is a unit equipped with a mechanism that converts electric power into microwaves and transmits them to remote locations. Using the 'interference' that occurs when waves collide with each other, it is possible to focus most of the energy in the desired location, realizing the ability to change focus and direction without moving parts. increase.

The following is the main body of MAPLE. In the experiment conducted in space this time, the solar energy was converted into DC electricity by the radio transmitters (TRANSMITTERS) mounted on MAPLE, and after reaching the receivers (RECEIVERS) on the opposite side about 30 cm away, the electric power was generated. It was confirmed that it was transmitted to the LED connected to the receiver and the LED lit up.

In addition, we have also succeeded in receiving signals from MAPLE with a receiver installed on the roof of the California Institute of Technology campus. It has been proven that transmission is possible.

``As far as we know, no one has demonstrated wireless energy transmission in space,'' said Professor Ali Hajimiri, who leads the team. Professor Hajimiri's goal is to reduce the weight and cost of the device, and pursue flexibility such as folding and storing it in the rocket.

Mr. Hajimiri is testing ALBA in parallel with MAPLE and plans to conduct DOLCE experiments in the next few months.

``Just as the Internet has brought access to information to everyone, I hope that wireless energy transmission will bring energy to everyone. It eliminates the need for transmission infrastructure for energy, and enables energy to be sent to areas devastated by wars and natural disasters.'

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