Next-generation OS 'iPadOS 17' for iPad announced, lock screen can be customized and stage manager evolved more flexibly

At WWDC23 , iPadOS 17 , the next-generation version of iPadOS, was announced.

WWDC23-Apple Developer

WWDC 2023 — June 5 | Apple-YouTube

iPadOS 17, the next-generation major version of iPadOS, is also available.

About widgets and lock screens.

Not only can you place widgets, but you can also complete reminders on widgets.

Due to the popularity of the lock screen personalization feature on the iPhone, the same feature will be introduced to the iPad.

Lock screen personalization can be started by simply tapping and holding the screen.

Change fonts, customize colors...

It is possible to add widgets.

An example of a customized lock screen. Since the iPad has a large screen, it seems that it is worth placing widgets.

In addition, a feature called live activity will be added to the lock screen. This is a function that allows you to check Uber Eats delivery status, Flighty travel plans, Major League Soccer scores, timers, etc. directly from the lock screen.

It is also possible to grasp multiple timers.

In addition, the 'Healthcare' app will be available on iPadOS.

The iPad is the perfect device for PDFs.

A new machine learning model allows iPadOS to identify PDF fields.

It even works with documents scanned with a camera.

If you need a signature, you can add a saved signature or sign a new one with Apple Pencil.

The Notes app evolves into the perfect app for capturing almost any information.

The PDF is saved directly in your notes.

It is possible to work in real time.

When you insert an image into a PDF, you can annotate on it.

Even more convenient when combined with FaceTime calls.

In addition, the stage manager has been improved to give you more flexibility in changing the position and size of windows.

You can also use the built-in camera of the external display.

Freeboard adds new drawing tools such as watercolor and fountain pen, as well as shape recognition.

This will allow you to follow collaborators and follow their movements within the board.

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