Who owns Twitter's moving destination candidate 'Bluesky'? Is it okay if a billionaire buys like Twitter?

Distributed SNS “Bluesky”, which is attracting a lot of attention as a strong candidate for switching to Twitter, is developed and operated by “Bluesky PBLLC”. The executives and owners of this Bluesky PBLLC are summarized by software engineer and journalist

Micah Lee .

Is Bluesky Billionaire-Proof?

Bluesky is a decentralized SNS with an appearance and operation similar to Twitter, and is gaining support from users who are considering switching from Twitter. As of June 2023 , the number of users has exceeded 100,000 , and it is expected that the number of users will continue to increase in the future by activating the sending of invitation codes. You can understand what kind of SNS Bluesky is by reading the following review article.

'Bluesky' account creation procedure & review like this when actually using it, it's very similar to Twitter, so it's pretty ant as a transfer / moving destination - GIGAZINE

Bluesky uses the open source decentralized SNS protocol ' AT Protocol '. AT Protocol is a protocol developed to build an ``ecosystem that can migrate to another SNS while maintaining posting history, follower/follower information, etc.'', and Bluesky PBLLC is leading the development. In other words, Bluesky is ``an SNS that has been developed for demonstration experiments of protocols developed by Bluesky PBLLC''.

The distributed SNS protocol developed by Bluesky PBLLC was originally developed as a Twitter internal project in 2019. After that, in 2021, Bluesky PBLLC was established as a company to develop a decentralized SNS protocol.

“PBLLC” is an abbreviation of “Public Benefit Limited Liability Company”, which translates directly to “Public Interest Limited Liability Company”. Bluesky PBLLC explains why it operates as a ``public interest limited liability company'', ``By listing the ``public interest'', there is no need to be obliged to distribute money to shareholders, and resources can be devoted to the mission (developing a distributed SNS protocol). will be,” he explains. It also states that Bluesky PBLLC is owned by 'employees of Bluesky PBLLC' and that Twitter does not have control.

However, Twitter and Bluesky PBLLC are not completely unrelated. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is listed as a director of Bluesky PBLLC, and it is revealed that Twitter's former developer is also participating in Bluesky PBLLC.

In addition, Bluesky's FAQ page clearly states that the owner of Bluesky PBLLC is Mr. Jay Graber , and the board of directors includes Mr. Jack Dorsey as the developer of the messenger protocol ' XMPP '. It is also noted that the well-known Jeremy Miller is participating.

Mr. Why, a member of the Bluesky development team, said in April 2023, ``The shares are owned by the founding team (of Bluesky PBLLC). ) does not own Jack Dorsey and Bluesky with Jack Dorsey It clarifies the relationship of PBLLC. In addition, with Bluesky, it is possible to prove your identity by setting your own domain as a handle name , and because Mr. Why's handle name '@why.bsky.team' includes 'bsky.team', Mr. Why is really Bluesky. Clearly part of the development team.

Also, Jay Graber said, 'If the origin of Bluesky PBLLC is on Twitter, is there some kind of 'borrowing'? Will Bluesky PBLLC (who bought Twitter) not enter Elon Musk? I'm curious if Bluesky PBLLC and Twitter are completely isolated.' In response to the question, 'There is no. I have taken measures to avoid the risk of encountering an aggressive takeover crisis.' In response, he denied the management connection between Bluesky PBLLC and Twitter.

Even if there is no operational connection between Bluesky PBLLC and Twitter, the risk of a billionaire takeover similar to Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter remains. However, Bluesky is built on an ``ecosystem that allows you to migrate to another SNS while maintaining your posting history, follower/follower information, etc.'', so if Bluesky changes completely due to an acquisition, users You can migrate to another SNS while keeping the data.

In addition, when Mr. Why was asked about monetization of Bluesky, he said, ``I do not intend to rely entirely on advertising, but there is no doctrine that ``not incorporating advertising'', so this time on Bluesky It seems likely that ads will start to appear in the form.

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