Ella Irwin, head of Twitter's trust and safety department, resigned, due to inadequacies in content moderation pointed out by Elon Musk CEO

Twitter's head of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, has resigned. The reason for his resignation has not been disclosed, but it is clear that CEO Elon Musk complained about Twitter's content moderation just before his resignation.

Twitter's head of trust and safety says she has resigned | Reuters


Twitter's head of trust & safety has resigned |

Foreign media Fortune reported on June 2, 2023, ``I got information from related sources that Mr. Irwin was excluded from Twitter's internal Slack.'' Fortune also confirmed 'a screenshot of the Slack screen where Mr. Irwin is deactivated'. In addition, New York Times reporter Ryan Mac also tweeted, ``I got information from three sources that Mr. Irwin has resigned as head of the trust and safety department.''

Furthermore, immediately after Fortune's report, Reuters reported that 'Mr. Irwin told the magazine about his resignation.' However, Mr. Irwin did not disclose the reason for his resignation. Mr. Irwin's tweet ended on June 1, 2023, and the reason for his resignation was not clear at the time of writing.

Mr. Irwin has not disclosed the reason for his resignation, but a series of actions have been observed on the Internet that may have contributed to his resignation. First of all, on June 1, 2023, the overseas media Daily Wire released a feature-length documentary 'What is a Woman?' It violates the rules prohibiting threats and discriminatory behavior,' and it has become impossible to like or retweet.

Later, Daily Wire founder Jeremy Boreing

tweeted complaints about Twitter's response, prompting Musk to send a reply to Boreing, acknowledging that there was a problem with Twitter's content moderation. rice field. This content moderation issue is believed to have led to Mr. Irwin's resignation.

The Daily Wire reposted 'What is a Woman?' It is in a state where likes and retweets are not possible due to the label 'I'm here'.

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