What is the longest 'civilization' in history?


Chinese civilization '', `` ancient Egyptian civilization '', and `` Mesopotamian civilization '' are widely known as civilizations that have lasted for thousands of years, but as to which civilization lasted the longest in history, it depends on the land, language, etc. point of view is subject to debate. Live Science, a science news site, explained the world's longest civilization.

What was the longest-lasting civilization?

According to modern historians and archaeologists, it is not easy to define the 'longest civilization' because the start and end of civilization are ambiguous and difficult to measure.

Also, like the '

Hyksos ' of ancient Egyptian civilization, these ancient civilizations had times when they were ruled by foreigners, which complicates whether they should be considered as continuing civilizations.

Furthermore, modern historians and archaeologists point out that the culture at the beginning of civilization and the culture at the end of civilization may have been quite different, making it difficult to think of 'civilization' as a single measure. I'm here. Still, in modern times, there is a lively debate about 'the longest civilization in history.'

◆Chinese civilization
Harvard University archaeologist Rowan Flood claims 'Chinese civilization' for the longest lasting civilization. Mr. Fludd emphasized that the 3,200-year-old bones used characters similar to those used in modern China, and emphasized, It is indisputable that there is continuity in

On the other hand, Mr. Flood argues that 'measurement of civilization by the same standards as in China may not be suitable elsewhere.' According to Mr. Flood, the oldest characters found in the Americas are attributed to

the Olmec civilization around 900 BC.

There are also skeptical opinions about the claim that ``Chinese civilization is the world's oldest civilization that has continued to the present day for more than 5,000 years.'' Julia Schneider of University College Cork, Ireland said, ``At least modern China What is happening in China cannot be considered closely related to what happened before Mao Zedong 's 1949 Revolution or the 1911 Xinhai Revolution .'

Schneider added, ``Because China has a vast land area and different ethnic groups spread in different eras and regions, their cultures are so far apart culturally that they cannot be considered a civilization. It's possible,' he argues.

The ancient egyptian civilization
The ancient Egyptian civilization is believed to have begun around 3500 BC, and in Egypt, innovative civilizations such as the selection of

pharaohs , the invention of hieroglyphs, and the construction of pyramids were built, but in 30 BC, the dynasty at that time became a republic. Ancient Egyptian civilization came to an end by being destroyed by political Rome . From this, the ancient Egyptian civilization is considered to be the longest civilization that lasted about 3500 years, but on the other hand, ancient Egypt was ruled by the Hyksos, and there was a time when hieroglyphs and religion changed into something different. Therefore, there are voices of doubt about the continuity of civilization.

The civilization of Mesopotamia
According to Philip Jones of the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology , Mesopotamian civilization lasted about 3,500 years from the invention of writing by the Sumerian language , which began around 3200 BC, to around the 3rd century AD, when worship of the Mesopotamian gods ceased. It is said that it was a civilization spanning

Mr. Jones said, ``What most people associate with the word 'civilization' tends to be ambiguous when examined in detail, but dividing it into 'civilization' chunks is important for managing history. said.

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