Music company asks Google to exclude Wikipedia article about 'YouTube downloader' from search results

In response to the problem of

ripping music from YouTube movies, `` youtube-dl '' that can download videos from YouTube has been sued by the world's three largest record companies , and YouTube downloader-related code based on requests from music industry groups The music industry is making various efforts, such as GitHub deleting . The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is requesting Google to exclude sites that rip YouTube from search results, and at the same time, some music labels search Google for `` Wikipedia pages related to YouTube downloaders ''. It is reported that it requested to be excluded from the results.

Music Company Asks Google to Delist 'YouTube Downloader' Wikipedia Article * TorrentFreak

TorrentFreak, a site focused on news about file sharing and piracy, reported that independent music label Because Music has asked Google to exclude illegal sites from search results. Since around February 2022, Because Music has participated in the activity of sending a request to prevent DMC circumvention led by the British Recording Industry Association (BPI) to Google, and has been quite proactive in sending deletion requests. The number of requests made in the first half of 2022 is about 100 for RIAA and about 180 for BPI, while Because Music has sent about 2800 despite being a small label.

Lumen , a joint archive that publishes information about requests to remove content submitted to Google under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), etc., published on May 23, 2023, ``DMCA to Google (Copyright Rights Claims', it turns out that the removal request includes a Wikipedia URL.

TorrentFreak points out that the DMCA violation site notification sent to Google is not only for the direct site URL, but also for the site that links to the YouTube downloader, and that Wikipedia was targeted this time because such a link was included. I'm here. The subject of the May 23 complaint was a Wikipedia page called '

YouTube downloader comparison ', and because links to each downloader were included in the article, Because Music requested it be removed from the search results. is believed to have performed

Music companies and rights groups should ensure that content related to YouTube downloads and rips is posted on Wikipedia, as well as links to Facebook posts, traffic analysis company pages, etc., with links to YouTube downloaders. claims that it should not appear in search results. However, it is unclear whether Google will take action to remove not only the site itself from search results, but also pages containing indirect links. ``Ultimately, the court will have the say,'' TorrentFreak said.

Although this request appears to be from Because Music, DMCA takedown requests may come from people other than the actual rights holders. An anonymous person who runs the YouTube downloader told TorrentFreak, 'We are seeing an increase in widespread requests, some of which are questionable. We try to avoid requests so that our site remains in search results. However, it can be a huge advantage when a competitor disappears from Google, even for a few hours. ” says.

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