Firefox extension 'ChatGPTFileuploadFirefoxExtension' that allows you to upload files and documents directly to ChatGPT

In order for ChatGPT to generate sentences as intended, it is necessary to enter prompts that accurately summarize instructions. Also, when you have ChatGPT code your program, you may enter a reference code. However, it is troublesome to copy and paste prompts and codes from hand one by one. ' ChatGPTFileuploadFirefoxExtension ' is an extension for Firefox that allows you to upload files and documents directly to ChatGPT.

GitHub - deonvz/ChatGPTFileuploadFirefoxExtension: This extension will place a file upload for you on the ChatGPT website. Allow you to process your own scripts, files, documents, code, database and more in chat. Allow ChatGPT to work with your own data, answering questions, giving suggestions and updating the file. Full Props go to 'Automate My Life' on Youtube, for the great code

Go to the GitHub page and click ''.

Click 'Download' to download ChatGPTFileuploadFirefoxExtension as a ZIP file. The file size is 1.92KB.

Then type 'about:debugging' in Firefox's address bar.

Since the setup screen is displayed, click 'This Firefox' on the left.

Click 'Load temporary add-on', select the you downloaded earlier, and click 'Open'.

It is OK if 'File Upload Chatbot' is displayed in the 'Temporary extension' column. Since it is loaded with a temporary extension, ChatGPTFileuploadFirefoxExtension is valid until Firefox is closed.

Go to

ChatGPT . A button called 'Submit File' has been added above the input field of the prompt.

This time, I decided to load a text file with the following prompts entered. The content of the prompt is to let the cat girl read

the GIGAZINE article and write an impression. The point is to add 'nyan' to the end of the word.

Click 'Submit File', select the prompt text file, and click 'Open'.

After uploading, the prompt was loaded in ChatGPT like this. For some reason, the characters are displayed in orange because they are ``sensitive content and conflict with the policy'', but it seems that they are being read without problems.

The output result looks like this. ChatGPT properly wrote me the impression of the article according to the prompt, adding 'nyan' at the end of the sentence.

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